Ziwe Puts Chet Hanks on Blast in Dramatic Season 2 Teaser

Within the phrases of Demi Lovato, Chet Hanks is saying “Sorry Not Sorry.”

A hilarious trailer for season two of Ziwe reveals that the host Ziwerekoru “Ziwe” Fumudoh gave Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson‘s son, 31, the possibility to apologize for a few of his previous controversial actions. (Chet beforehand made headlines for speaking out against the COVID-19 vaccine and saying that it was tough growing up “privileged.“)

The tv host, 30, requested Chet, “Are there any marginalized communities you wish to apologize to?”

His reply? “Nah.”

Ziwe undoubtedly did not let Chet off that straightforward although. “What accent will you be conducting this interview in?” she questioned, a reference to Chet’s previous movies during which he spoke with a Jamaican Patois accent. 

To this, he replied, “Bof,” utilizing Jamaican slang and confirming that he hasn’t paid a lot consideration to those that have tried to teach him on why that is inappropriate.

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