World Records Even Doctors Can’t Explain

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On this video, Mikhail Varshavski, DO — who goes by “Physician Mike” on social media — appears to be like at unexplainable world information.
Following is a transcript of the video (notice that errors are attainable):
Varshavski: Most knuckles cracked in 30 seconds. I believe that is my morning routine proper right here. “Caught on Digicam — Dr. Mike’s Morning Routine!” I really feel like I might beat this one. Oh, a cramp within the hamstring. Cramp within the hamstring!
Vocal cords are clearly what offers you the flexibility to talk and produce sound. The larynx is a muscle. By having the ability to management that muscle — whether or not you are stretching it out, you are shortening it — you really change your capability to manage your pitch. Similar to every other muscle, this muscle will be skilled. That is why we have now vocal coaches.
Sam: Let’s have a look at how low you will get.
Varshavski: Wasn’t that low?
Sam: I heard nothing. It was completely silent.
Varshavski: Precisely, it was that low?
What will we obtained right here? Is that this an age-related one? Wow! 116 as of March … is that this particular person nonetheless alive, Sam?
Sam: Sure, she continues to be alive.
Varshavski: Wow! So, 2 years older or 3 years older principally. Her birthday is arising, so it’ll be a stable 119 in a number of days. Blissful early birthday Kane Tanaka! You suppose she is aware of?
Kane Tanaka: I do not know what that’s.
Varshavski: Yep, there you go. She goes, “I do not know what that is.” [Editor’s note: Ms. Tanaka passed away on April 19, 2022.]
Nicholas James Stoeberl: My identify is Nicholas James Stoeberl and I’ve the longest tongue in recorded historical past.
Varshavski: Wow.
Stoeberl: I believe one of the helpful issues that my tongue provides is definitely not having to make use of a serviette.
Varshavski: It should be widespread along with his companions.
Stoeberl: I exploit my tongue really to create, you could possibly name it, artwork. I kind of like to color on canvas utilizing acrylic.
Varshavski: Everybody has obtained their factor. He paints along with his tongue that is very lengthy. It is the longest tongue on the earth. I am positive different folks can be doing different issues with that tongue, however perhaps it wasn’t secure for Guinness World Data to analyze additional.
What?! The longest time in an belly plank place. Okay. Right here we’re speaking isometric contraction. We’re actually not shortening, not lengthening the fibers, however preserving them tight and engaged your complete time.
Sam: Earlier than you’ll be able to watch, what’s your prediction for the longest plank?
Varshavski: I’ll say one thing wild, 5 hours. In February 2020, George Hood planked for an astonishing 8 hours, quarter-hour. Does he have a catheter in place? No means! They put a catheter in, so he might pee.
Enter Daniel Scali. Three hours in and he’s preserving good kind. A part of just like the factor of preserving a plank is having actually robust shoulders along with a robust core. The core is not only your belly muscle groups, it is your obliques. It is your posterior erector spinae muscle groups. 5 hours. Six hours.
Scali: The 6-hour mark got here, the 7-hour mark got here, my physique began to activate me a bit bit.
Varshavski: I can not even do something for 7 hours straight with out taking a break, and my man is planking.
Scali: I began to truly vomit on myself.
Varshavski: He vomited whereas doing it. Have a look at this man. He did not want a catheter. He vomited whereas doing it.
Crowd: 3, 2, 1…
Varshavski: Popping out of it’s got to be brutal too. Cease. Cease the video. We have to give him a very good spherical of applause. That’s so arduous. I attempted to do like 90 seconds. I am like, “90? Come on. 60, 75.” This man, 9+ hours.
Isaac Johnson: I’ve the most important mouth on the earth.
Varshavski: Largest gape. I’ve by no means referred to it as a gape. Wow, that’s an open mouth. What number of McDonald’s cheeseburgers can Isaac slot in his mouth? Do I need to know the reply to that query? He’s sporting a Patriots shirt. I ponder if he has some laxity in his TMJ space or is simply anatomically it is a regular variation.
Jamie Keeton: I’m the Guinness World Data holder for probably the most cans caught to a human head.
Varshavski: Probably the most drink cans positioned on the pinnacle utilizing air suction. I am fascinated. If a affected person got here to me and mentioned, “cans persist with my head,” I’d be at a loss. I would not know, ought to I refer? Ought to I write a case report up? Like, that is very distinctive.
Keeton: I went to a health care provider. I walked in with a can of peanuts caught to the aspect of my head and he goes, “How do you do this?” I’m going, “That is what I am right here for. I need to learn how I do it.” He did a few issues and that is when he informed me he thinks my pores and skin pores suck in oxygen and makes issues persist with me, and that I am actually like certainly one of 4 on the earth that he is aware of of.
Varshavski: What?! That’s the coolest factor. I ponder if there’s any medical negatives from this.
Keeton: A full can of peanuts. I simply…
Varshavski: Maintain on. Is it … this has obtained to be a prank.
Keeton: That is actual.
Varshavski: What is the situation? “His physique temperature is 100°F, which causes his pores and skin pores to behave like suction cups. Keeton’s wounds heal quicker. He will get sick much less and ages slower than most.” Sticky pores and skin syndrome. Let’s get again to the world information.
Longest period restraining 4 bikes. No, this appears to be like like a medieval torture machine. Simply think about if this goes fallacious and the gentleman loses an arm. Do not do that at house! Do not do that at work! There is no such thing as a cause to do that!
Are you able to think about that man strolling right into a bar? “Hey, babe. What’s up? You recognize what I did final night time? I tied up bikes to all of my limbs and allow them to pull me aside, and so they could not do it for twenty-four seconds. The way you doing?”
I really feel like you could possibly actually make something a file when you actually need it to be a file. Inform them I did this eight occasions.
Varshavski: Nobody is aware of what is the file. Have a look at that. I simply set the file. Most consecutive muscle … yow. Oh man, muscle ups are so arduous. Tricep, lat, bicep, energy forearm, energy grip, a lot is occurring. kind too. Wonderful kind. Wow, 26 is the file. I really feel like I’ve seen some dudes in Central Park that might most likely beat this. There are additionally some gymnasts that I really feel like which may be capable of beat that.
Longest period full-body contact with ice. That already sounds painful. The true hazard with ice when it’s making full-body contact is that it may well really burn your pores and skin. That is why after I let you know put some ice in your injured shoulder or knee, I at all times say put one thing in between as a result of I do not need you to burn your pores and skin. You’ll be able to actually develop frostbite. This particular person is simply chilling.
He beat the earlier file of two hours, 35 minutes. How a lot additional can he go? His coronary heart charge might be so low. The rationale you see him shivering there’s he’s attempting to heat up. About 3 hours and 28 seconds. I hope that it is sponsored by these manufacturers. Like who’s doing that?
Whoa, his ear temperature is 33. That is actually low, so he’s hypothermic.
Cathie Jung: I am Cathie Jung and I’m presently within the Guinness Ebook for the smallest waist on a residing particular person.
Varshavski: That is very not beneficial and unhealthy. Just a few issues occur if you put on a waist coach like that. One, you begin really weakening your core muscle groups as a result of you aren’t permitting them to broaden correctly and performance correctly. Second, you are additionally cramming your intestines from correctly performing peristalsis, which is that motion of meals all through your physique. You then’re additionally affecting your respiration. As a result of so as to breathe, your ribs have to broaden correctly and your diaphragm must decrease. That is why we discuss stomach respiration. While you shallow breathe like that, you really lose part of your lungs by a situation often known as atelectasis. But in addition it is brief lived. Should you cease sporting the corsets, it’s going to return again to regular, and thank God for that. The human physique needs to return again to regular.
Sultan Kösen: Sultan Kösen. 8 foot, 1 inch, 246.5 centimeters confirmed because the Guinness World Data’ world’s tallest man.
Michael Powell: He has a pituitary tumor secreting a hormone known as progress hormone.
Varshavski: The pituitary gland is usually often known as just like the grasp gland as a result of it secretes a few of the most necessary hormones that really find yourself regulating typically different hormones. Typically you’ll be able to have a tumor develop within the pituitary gland, which is definitely not cancerous, however it’s one which produces extra of a sure hormone. Additionally, melanocytes, which secrete melanin, the cells that give your pores and skin pigment, really are managed by melanocyte-stimulating hormone, which can also be present in your pituitary gland.
Feminine: How tall are you?
Jyoti Kishanji Amge: 24 inches.
Varshavski: 24 inches, 2 toes.
Feminine: How was it to look within the “American Horror Story?”
Amge: The expertise was an entire lot of enjoyable.
Varshavski: Oh, that is cool.
Amge: I intend on doing extra work in Hollywood.
Varshavski: That is an effective way to show one thing distinctive that is occurred to you right into a energy and into an asset. instance of post-traumatic progress there.
What are we about to do? Most consecutive stairs climbed whereas balancing an individual on the pinnacle. Who set this file within the first place? Wow! I’ve hassle doing a handstand, these guys are head-standing up steps. Properly deserved. Have a look at the gorgeous location. This needs to be a double award, most lovely backdrop for consecutive stairs climbed with the particular person on the pinnacle.
I ponder how lengthy they practiced for. Oh my God, are you able to think about in the event that they mess up? You fall down all these steps. Worst concern. What is that this a contest for, Albert Einstein lookalikes?
Male: My sense of odor is totally different from different folks.
Varshavski: Oh, are these like hyper smellers? It is like hyperosmia or one thing.
Male: Different folks mentioned, “We do not odor that odor.” I mentioned, “You might not odor it, however I can.”
Varshavski: It is actually true, although. There are some people who find themselves thought-about tremendous spellers. In reality, we did an entire particular episode tailor-made to a person who was an excellent smeller and might really odor Parkinson’s on sure sufferers, together with her personal husband.
Bear in mind, the sense of odor is a chemical receptor. It is when a chemical binds to the olfactory epithelium inside your nostril and it begins sending nerve alerts to your mind so as so that you can perceive what that chemical is.
The longest nostril on a residing particular person belongs to this particular person. Simply because his nostril is lengthy doesn’t suggest that is why he has such an excellent sense of odor. Bear in mind, it is a neurological phenomenon that is occurring.
However I’ll say you’ll be able to’t have disturbances in your anatomy. The olfactory cleft will be larger or smaller in some folks, or blocked off in others, the place it might determine whether or not or not you’ve gotten a robust sense of odor. The olfactory area in canine compared to people is so significantly better. Like 40,000 occasions higher.
Click on right here for a health care provider day within the life. I actually go see a dermatologist to get my eye injected. That is proper. I do know it does not make loads of sense, so click on right here to look at it. Cool day, a day within the lifetime of a health care provider. Click on right here. As at all times, keep pleased and wholesome, however most significantly, click on right here.
Mike Varshavski, DO, is a board-certified household doctor and social media influencer with greater than 9 million subscribers.

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