What Mothers Should Know About COVID and COVID-19 Vaccine for Children

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On March 11, 2022, CDC researchers launched outcomes of a small examine in youngsters 5 to fifteen years outdated, who had acquired two doses of the Pfizer mRNA COVID vaccine. The examine’s conclusion, which included many caveats, was that there was discount of COVID illness in simply 31% of youngsters aged 5 to 11 years in comparison with 59% in youngsters 12 to fifteen years outdated.

Regardless of questionable illness threat discount from their very own information, the advice was that every one youngsters as younger as 5 years outdated ought to get the vaccine.1

Regardless that fathers are spending extra time sharing the elevating of youngsters with moms right this moment,2 nationwide surveys present that girls with minor youngsters nonetheless stay the first little one care givers in America.3,4

Those who normally take youngsters to medical doctors, moms on the entrance line are quickly anticipated to make choices about giving infants as younger as 6 months outdated the brand new genetically engineered Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine when the FDA predictably approves it for emergency use this spring.5,6

Public well being officers need medical doctors to present the mRNA vaccine, which forces the physique’s cells to fabricate the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein, to essentially the most weak age group,7 the tiny infants and younger youngsters underneath 5 years outdated, whose immune programs and brains are usually not but totally developed.8,9,10 It’s an age group that moms traditionally have been essentially the most accountable for nurturing and defending from hurt.

Quickest Improvement of An Experimental Shot in Historical past

The concentrating on of infants and toddlers for COVID vaccination comes two years after the U.S. authorities declared a coronavirus public well being emergency in January 202011 after which gave Pfizer and 6 different drug corporations $9 billion to fabricate a coronavirus vaccine at warp pace.12

Most vaccines take not less than 10 years to undergo the event and testing licensing course of earlier than being accepted by the U.S. Meals and Drug Administration for distribution.13

Pfizer spent simply 248 days testing their experimental COVID vaccine utilizing a never-before licensed know-how, which injects artificial mRNA encapsulated in lipid nanoparticles into the physique to induce cells to make the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein and grow to be — within the phrases of the World Financial Discussion board — “vaccine manufacturing crops.”14,15

In December 2020, the FDA granted Pfizer and its German company accomplice BioNTech, an Emergency Use Authorization — or EUA — to launch the unlicensed mRNA vaccine to be used by each individual over 16 years outdated.16,17 That EUA was shortly adopted six months later by one for kids as younger as 12,18 then 5 months later with authorization for kids as younger as 5.19

It’s the quickest improvement and mass administration of an experimental vaccine to wholesome people in historical past,20 and the primary vaccine to be distributed and really helpful for mass use underneath an Emergency Use Authorization.21 Though the FDA totally licensed Pfizer’s Comirnaty vaccine in August 2021 as “protected, pure and potent” for 16-year-olds,22 it nonetheless will not be formally licensed for kids youthful than that.

FDA’s Emergency Use Authorization Comes With Large Assumptions

By February 2022, solely about 55% of youngsters over age 12 in America had gotten two doses of the Pfizer COVID vaccine, whereas simply 30% of 5- to 11-year-olds had acquired not less than one dose.23

Maybe moms are usually not impressed with the dodgy rationale FDA officers used to justify handing Pfizer an EUA utilizing obscure language with giant assumptions like it’s “cheap to consider” the vaccine “could also be efficient” and “cheap to conclude primarily based on the totality of the scientific proof out there” that the “recognized and potential advantages … outweigh the recognized and potential dangers of the vaccine.”24

These sorts of sweeping caveats clearly show that an EUA permits a decrease commonplace for scientific proof of the product’s security and effectiveness than full licensure.25 In actual fact, it’s not unreasonable to conclude that the Pfizer COVID vaccine remains to be an investigational product, nonetheless experimental every time it’s given to a toddler underneath 16 years outdated.26,27

Thus far, dad and mom in America are break up down the center in terms of the thought of giving younger youngsters Pfizer’s new COVID-19 vaccine. Half of parents28 are uncomfortable with injecting artificial mRNA coated in lipid nanoparticles into the cells of their little one’s physique, which is meant to stop a foul case of COVID illness — however not essentially forestall their little one from being contaminated with the virus and transmitting it to others.29,30

With researchers discovering that many SARS-CoV-2 infections in younger youngsters are asymptomatic and go undetected,31 and with proof that pure immunity from an infection is broad and protracted,32,33 dad and mom are asking respectable questions on why their younger youngsters are candidates for this vaccine.

A current survey discovered that half of fogeys have been nervous about (1) whether or not the vaccine has been studied lengthy sufficient in youngsters; (2) whether or not there are long run negative effects; (3) whether or not the vaccine’s experimental mRNA know-how is protected; (4) whether or not the vaccines work, and (5) the impact of short-term negative effects.34

Analysis printed in February 2022 revealed that one-third of fogeys say they’ll “wait and see” earlier than vaccinating a toddler underneath 5 years outdated and 26% say they’ll “undoubtedly not” permit their toddler or toddler to obtain the COVID vaccine.35

With nearly all of dad and mom nervous about whether or not Pfizer’s COVID vaccine carries unacceptable dangers, is efficient, or is critical for his or her little one, what sort of details about COVID illness and the vaccine is being given to moms taking youngsters to pediatricians across the nation?

Are Mothers Being Given Full Data About COVID Photographs?

Is the data correct and full? Are pediatricians treating moms with respect and permitting them to train voluntary knowledgeable consent to COVID vaccination on behalf of a minor little one, or are moms being threatened and punished if they are saying, “no thanks?”36 What number of medical doctors plan to disclaim medical care to youngsters when their moms decline the COVID vaccine?

A 2020 examine reported that greater than half of U.S. pediatricians refuse to care for a kid if their moms decline to present the kid even one of many 4 dozen doses of different vaccines CDC officers insist all youngsters should get earlier than age 6.37,38,39,40

To cease moms from with the ability to train knowledgeable consent to vaccination on behalf of their youngsters, medical commerce associations have lobbied state legislatures to move legal guidelines giving medical doctors permission to extract consent for any sort of vaccination from youngsters as younger as 11 years outdated with out the data of their parents41 and, in 2020, the District of Columbia was the primary to move that form of regulation.42,43

5 states (Alabama, Oregon, South Carolina, North Carolina and Rhode Island) have handed legal guidelines to present medical doctors the facility to influence youngsters between 14 and 16 years outdated to get COVID vaccine with out telling dad and mom.44

If you happen to cringe fascinated by whether or not your 11-year-old or teenager is intellectually, psychologically and emotionally outfitted to precisely weigh the potential advantages and dangers of a vaccine and resist the stress from a health care provider telling them what to do,45 you aren’t alone.

As a co-founder of the charitable Nationwide Vaccine Data Heart established in 1982 to stop vaccine accidents and deaths by way of public training,46 I’ve by no means been extra involved a couple of new vaccine the federal government needs medical doctors to present to each toddler and little one.

As a mom of three and now a grandmother, as a college-educated girl who utterly trusted my pediatrician once I took my wholesome 2.5-year-old son for a DPT shot in 1980 after which watched him undergo a convulsion, collapse and mind irritation response that put him in a particular training classroom,47 I urge all moms to grow to be totally knowledgeable concerning the SARS-CoV-2 an infection and the COVID-19 vaccine earlier than making a vaccination resolution for a kid of any age.

All Vaccines Come With Two Dangers

Vaccines are pharmaceutical merchandise that include two dangers: a threat the vaccine will trigger a response that would trigger hurt, and a threat the vaccine will fail to guard towards an infection and transmission of a illness that would trigger hurt.

As a result of we’re all people born with totally different genes and environmental influences, the dangers for illness problems or vaccine problems may be better for some, relying upon genetic, epigenetic, environmental and different organic components distinctive to the person.48,49,50,51

If the dangers of COVID vaccination become 100% to your little one — whether or not it’s as a result of the vaccine causes a extreme response or fails to stop extreme problems of the illness — it’s best to know that in June 2020, Congress utterly shielded vaccine producers and anybody administering the COVID vaccine from product legal responsibility and malpractice lawsuits in civil court docket.52,53 So no matter occurs, you’ll be by yourself.

On the Nationwide Vaccine info Heart, we don’t make vaccine use suggestions, however we do defend with out compromise the human proper to train voluntary, knowledgeable consent to medical risk-taking.54 You’ve gotten the ethical proper and may have the authorized proper to simply accept or refuse a vaccine for your self or your minor little one with out being sanctioned in any approach.55

This commentary gives an summary of COVID illness and the vaccine, with a give attention to the genetically engineered messenger mRNA COVID vaccine manufactured by Pfizer being really helpful for kids by federal authorities officers and medical commerce associations within the U.S. I encourage you to take a look at the library of over 200 live-linked references anchoring this commentary on NVIC.org to confirm the content material and do your personal analysis.

Most Coronaviruses Trigger Delicate Signs Just like the Frequent Chilly

Coronaviruses are a bunch of various, single stranded RNA viruses which were round for hundreds of years and infect animals, in addition to people.

Coronaviruses normally trigger gentle respiratory and gastrointestinal signs like these of the widespread chilly,56 except for Extreme Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) that emerged in China in 2002, and the coronavirus inflicting Center East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) recognized in Jordan and Saudi Arabia in 2012 – each of which had excessive mortality charges.57

About 20% of chilly or flu-like higher respiratory infections every year are attributable to coronaviruses and there’s proof that many individuals have already got not less than partial pure immunity to widespread coronavirus infections.

Some researchers suppose this can be one purpose why the present SARS-CoV-2 an infection is asymptomatic or gentle for many wholesome youngsters and lots of adults,58 and why COVID-19 exams can generate false constructive outcomes as a result of the exams choose up proof of earlier coronavirus infections.59,60

Controversy Over Origins of COVID, Shot Effectiveness, Security

Since early 2020, public well being officers have insisted that the SARS-CoV-2 virus spontaneously jumped right into a human out of a bat at a moist meals market in China and the one strategy to finish the pandemic is to lock down, masks up, and require everybody to be vaccinated.61,62,63,64,65,66 There are outstanding scientists, medical doctors, ethicists, attorneys, lawmakers and journalists world wide, who disagree with that view. They level out there’s compelling proof:

that the SARS-CoV-2 virus was created in a lab and prime well being officers didn’t need the general public to find out about it;67,68,69,70

that quick tracked mRNA COVID vaccines haven’t been totally examined by drug corporations, which have did not launch all of the scientific trial information, and each the businesses and public well being officers are downplaying critical vaccine-related reactions and deaths;71,72,73,74,75,76,77

that essentially the most widely-used mRNA COVID manufactured by Pfizer and Moderna could forestall critical illness problems, however vaccinated folks can nonetheless get contaminated with and transmit the brand new coronavirus to different folks,78 and any short-term safety from COVID illness wanes shortly after vaccination;79

that the SARS-CoV-2 an infection is generally asymptomatic or gentle in wholesome youngsters and younger adults80 and that naturally acquired immunity is the same as or broader and longer lasting than COVID vaccine acquired synthetic immunity;81,82,83,84 and

that governments have finished extra hurt than good by locking down societies and creating masking and vaccine mandates;85,86,87,88,89,90,91

Listed below are 4 questions you want to bear in mind if you end up making a COVID-19 vaccine resolution to your minor little one:


By February 2022, the brand new coronavirus had advanced from the unique alpha variant that human populations had no immunological expertise with, to the extra transmissible and extreme Delta variant that emerged in the summertime of 2021, to the Omicron variant that turned dominant in late 2021.92

Omicron is very contagious however causes fewer problems and hospitalizations than Delta,93 and there’s hypothesis that the actual fact so many individuals have developed numerous levels of pure immunity to SARS-CoV-2 is one purpose why hospitalizations and deaths are coming down in the us94,95

As of February 14, 2022, COVID-19 demise charges reported by states within the earlier seven days ranged from 0.26 to about 1.5 deaths per 100,000 folks.96

To place the worst case 1.5 COVID-related deaths per 100,000 folks fee into perspective, the annual demise fee for a number of the main causes of demise within the U.S. in 2014 have been: 193 deaths per 100,000 for coronary heart illness; 186 per 100,000 for most cancers; 46 per 100,000 for persistent respiratory illness; 24 per 100,000 for diabetes; 15 per 100,000 for drug overdoses.97

Extreme COVID Most Probably in Chronically Unwell Individuals Over 65

On the outset of the coronavirus pandemic, it turned apparent that a lot of the critical problems of COVID-19 illness resulting in hospitalizations and demise don’t happen in youngsters or wholesome younger adults, however in folks over age 65, particularly if they’ve a number of persistent well being issues.

In 2020, researchers projected that about 45 % of the U.S. grownup inhabitants was at elevated threat for problems from SARS-CoV-2 infections due to underlying coronary heart or respiratory illness, diabetes, hypertension and most cancers.98

One large examine sponsored by the CDC appeared on the connection between underlying medical situations and extreme sickness amongst greater than 500,000 adults with COVID-19 admitted to 800 US hospitals in 2020 and 2021. Researchers discovered that 95 % of grownup COVID sufferers had not less than one underlying poor well being situation like hypertension and weight problems.99 The strongest threat components for demise have been weight problems, nervousness and concern problems, and diabetes with problems.

Youngsters with persistent well being issues are additionally in danger for COVID illness problems. The CDC states on its web site that, “In america, greater than 40% of school-aged youngsters and adolescents have not less than one persistent well being situation, equivalent to bronchial asthma, weight problems, different bodily situations, and conduct/studying issues.”100

Most Severe COVID-19 Happens in Chronically Unwell Youngsters

A big cross-sectional examine funded by the CDC examined the well being information of greater than 43,000 sufferers underneath the age of 18 with a COVID analysis who visited the emergency room or have been admitted to 900 US hospitals in 2020 or January 2021.101

The median age of kid COVID sufferers was 12 years outdated. Researchers discovered that about 29 % of the kid COVID sufferers had underlying persistent situations like bronchial asthma; weight problems; and neurodevelopmental, depressive, nervousness and fear-related problems.

The strongest threat components for hospitalization have been sort 1 diabetes and weight problems. The strongest threat components for extreme COVID sickness have been sort 1 diabetes and congenital cardiac and circulatory issues. Prematurity was a threat issue for extreme COVID sickness in youngsters underneath two years outdated.102 These with a COVID analysis represented solely about 1% of all youngsters who visited an emergency room or have been admitted to the hospital.

Greater than 81% of COVID associated deaths within the U.S. have occurred in seniors over age 65 and deaths in that age group are 80 instances greater than for folks between 18 and 29.103 The COVID case fatality fee for kids by February 2022 was measured at lower than one % in the us104

Wholesome Infants and Youngsters Normally Have No or Delicate Signs

Research have proven that almost all wholesome infants and youngsters with COVID illness both haven’t any signs or a lot milder signs than adults, which final a couple of week.105 COVID illness signs within the majority of wholesome youngsters are just like a chilly or flu-like sickness and vary from fever, sore throat, fatigue and physique aches to runny nostril and congestion, headache, cough, nausea and diarrhea.

As with most respiratory ailments, pneumonia is at all times a threat and, clearly, dangers for COVID problems are greater for kids with sure sorts of underlying persistent illness.106

Extreme problems of COVID-19 illness in some people seem to contain a hyper-inflammatory response by the immune system to an infection with SARS-CoV-2. This will result in cytokine storm involving elevated ranges of circulating cytokines and immune-cell hyperactivation that may result in extreme respiratory misery and demise if the irritation doesn’t resolve.107

There’s a situation known as Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome in Youngsters (MIS-C) that has been reported not often, and overweight youngsters are most in danger. Signs embrace a chronic fever, uncommon fatigue, vomiting and diarrhea, pink pores and skin rash, belly ache, pink lips and eyes and swollen arms or ft.108

Youngsters With COVID at Very Low Danger of Hospitalization, Demise

Whereas nearly all of folks identified with COVID illness have gentle to reasonable signs, about 10 to fifteen% grow to be severely unwell and 5 % grow to be critically unwell. Most get better in two to 3 weeks, however researchers estimate about one in 5 could have signs for 5 or extra weeks and one in 10 folks can have signs that final for 12 weeks or longer.109

Signs of “lengthy Covid,” can embrace fatigue, shortness of breath, muscle ache, joint ache, headache, cough, chest ache, altered odor and style, diarrhea, issue considering clearly, reminiscence loss, nervousness and sleep problems. About 4 % of youngsters could expertise “lengthy Covid” signs like fatigue, headache and lack of odor and the bulk get better inside eight weeks.110

If contaminated with the SARS-CoV-2 virus, wholesome youngsters have a really low threat of being hospitalized or dying. A U.S. state information report printed by the American Academy of Pediatrics on February 3, 2022 discovered that out of about 1.2 million COVID-related hospitalizations, solely 3% have been youngsters. Out of 821,369 reported COVID deaths within the U.S., 828 of these deaths or .01% have been in youngsters.111


One of many nice tragedies of the coronavirus pandemic over the previous two years has been that only a few medication and efficient medical protocols have been accepted by the federal government to assist folks forestall or get better from the SARS-CoV-2 an infection.

About 95 % of the general public funds appropriated by the U.S. and different governments to fund the worldwide response to the coronavirus pandemic got to multi-national drug corporations to develop and ship vaccines, whereas solely 5 % was spent on exploring therapies to deal with COVID illness.112 There are nonetheless only a few FDA-approved medication or therapies out there for medical doctors to deal with COVID illness.

Many of the anti-viral COVID medication accepted by the FDA underneath an EUA are very costly,113,114,115 and there are unanswered questions on dangers and whether or not they work very properly.116,117,118,119 In early 2020, practising physicians looking for methods to assist folks with COVID started repurposing already licensed medication for off-label use, a standard apply that has been allowed underneath FDA regulation for a few years.120

Some Docs Use Repurposed Licensed Medication to Deal with COVID

A few of the extra reasonably priced licensed medication which were repurposed by physicians to deal with COVID over the previous two years embrace the Nobel award successful anti-parasitic, anti-viral and anti inflammatory drug Ivermectin.121,122,123,124,125,126

Nutritional vitamins, minerals and dietary supplements which were used to assist forestall or handle COVID problems embrace the Nutritional vitamins D,127,128 C,129 and B advanced;130 magnesium;131 quercetin;132,133 melatonin,134 curcumin,135 zinc,136 NAC,137 probiotics,138 Omega 3s,139 glutathione140 and aspirin.141

As with all medication and dietary supplements, it is very important have a educated physician direct remedy within the applicable doses and for the precise size of time, as a result of what may match and is protected at one stage of the illness might not be throughout one other stage.

The Entrance Line Covid-19 Important Care Alliance (FLCCCA)142 and World Council for Health143 are two teams of medical doctors who’ve developed COVID-19 remedy protocols that aren’t endorsed by authorities well being officers however are being utilized by various well being professionals world wide to deal with adults and youngsters with COVID.

Excessive Mortality Fee for COVID Sufferers Hospitalized in US

With a median 38 % mortality fee for severely unwell COVID sufferers admitted to U.S. hospitals in 2020,144 and with COVID sufferers who’re placed on a ventilator experiencing a forty five to 85 % mortality fee,145,146,147 it’s no surprise unbiased medical doctors have been exploring choices for lowering COVID problems and maintaining sufferers out of hospitals.

But, these medical doctors are being criticized by public well being officers discouraging using repurposed licensed medication like ivermectin148 and over-the-counter supplements149 that peer reviewed research have proven both forestall extreme illness and enhance, or have the potential to enhance, survival.150

Medical boards in some states try take away the medical licenses from these medical doctors,151 and it may be tough to seek out a health care provider within the U.S. prepared to depart from the few authorities accepted medical protocols for treating COVID.152 The Nationwide Institutes of Well being warns that:153

“Analysis hasn’t clearly proven that any dietary complement helps forestall COVID-19 or can lower the severity of COVID-19 signs. Solely vaccines and medicines can forestall COVID-19 and deal with its signs.”

No Medication Particularly Authorized to Deal with Youngsters With COVID

The one tips printed by the Facilities for Illness Management for remedy of youngsters with COVID are dated December 2020 and state, “Presently, there aren’t any medication particularly accepted by the FDA for remedy of COVID-19 in youngsters.”154

NIH has a toddler remedy information, which states that “Most youngsters with SARS-CoV-2 an infection is not going to require any particular remedy” and “There are restricted information on the pathogenesis and scientific spectrum of COVID-19 illness in youngsters.” It goes on to say that:

“There aren’t any pediatric information from placebo-controlled randomized scientific trials and restricted information from observational research to tell the event of pediatric-specific suggestions for the remedy of COVID-19.”155

After lockdowns and compelled masking and a yr that noticed many People subjected to necessary COVID vaccination to enter public areas and hold their jobs, it is extremely unhappy that authorities officers have finished so little to analyze and approve therapies to deal with COVID illness.

One political rationalization is that underneath FDA laws, drug corporations can’t obtain emergency use authorization to distribute quick tracked experimental vaccines (or medication) if there are “sufficient, accepted, and out there options.”156


After the coronavirus pandemic was declared by public well being officers in early 2020 and governments requested drug corporations to quick monitor improvement of experimental COVID vaccines, the FDA issued tips assuring the businesses that vaccine trials would solely must show “not less than 50%” efficacy in stopping extreme COVID-19 illness.

There was no requirement for corporations to show their COVID vaccines forestall an infection and transmission of the SARS-CoV-2 virus.157,158 Maybe that’s one purpose why the vaccines are known as COVID vaccines and never SARS-CoV-2 vaccines.

However most people didn’t and nonetheless doesn’t perceive the distinction. That’s as a result of for greater than a century, folks have been rigorously taught to consider {that a} vaccine produces synthetic immunity within the physique to stop transmission of contagious ailments to different folks.159

CDC Modified Definition of ‘Vaccine’ and ‘Vaccination’

CDC officers incessantly have referred to vaccines as “immunizations.”160 However in 2021, the CDC out of the blue modified its definition of “vaccine” from “a product that stimulates an individual’s immune system to supply immunity to a particular illness” to “a preparation that’s used to stimulate the physique’s immune response towards ailments.”161

The Merriam Webster Dictionary additionally modified its definition of “vaccine” to eradicate the idea {that a} vaccine stimulates “immunity” and changed it with the idea that vaccines create an “immune response.”162

Up till now, the phrases “vaccine” and “vaccination” have been synonymous with creating “synthetic immunity” in people and animals.163

The rewriting of that definition to confess that vaccines can’t be presumed to confer immunity — solely modify the individual’s immune response — is gorgeous as a result of necessary vaccination legal guidelines traditionally have been primarily based on the widespread perception that every one infants and youngsters should get vaccinated to create “herd immunity” and stop the transmission of contagious ailments inside a group.164,165

If the definition of “vaccine” and “vaccination” now not contains the idea of immunity,166 then the definitions of vaccine “efficacy” and “effectiveness” have been eternally modified as properly.167,168

Public Misled That Photographs Forestall An infection and Transmission

To acquire the EUA in late 2020, Pfizer printed scientific trial information involving about 43,000 members over age 16, with greater than 21,000 of them injected with the corporate’s experimental mRNA COVID vaccine. Pfizer stated the info confirmed that two doses of the vaccine achieved a 95% efficacy for stopping extreme COVID illness.169,170

Most mainstream media stories publicizing the Pfizer scientific trial outcomes misled the general public into believing {that a} 95 % “efficacy” fee meant the vaccine reliably prevented SARS-CoV-2 an infection.171 People obeying masks mandates put into place earlier than the vaccine was launched, assumed that they might be capable to ditch the masks and cease social distancing as soon as they obtained vaccinated.172

However in early 2021 when CDC officers didn’t again away from masks mandates for vaccinated individuals, folks began suspecting one thing was fallacious about that assumption. Totally vaccinated folks have been informed to maintain the masks on and socially distance like unvaccinated folks.173

The logical query was: Why do totally vaccinated folks have to fret about getting contaminated or infecting different folks?

The reply to that query turned apparent when examine after examine printed within the medical literature since December 2020 confirmed that two or three doses of Pfizer’s mRNA COVID vaccine don’t reliably forestall symptomatic or asymptomatic an infection and transmission of SARS-CoV-2 virus, and the vaccine has a really quick shelf life for cover towards COVID illness, waning inside just a few months of vaccination.174,175,176

Whereas that actuality units in, research are revealing that naturally acquired immunity from the brand new coronavirus an infection is broad and long-lasting,177,178,179,180,181 maybe two years or extra.182

Extra COVID Booster Photographs or Annual Re-Vaccination?

In actual fact, inside 4 months of Pfizer’s COVID vaccine being accepted by FDA for distribution, in April 2021 the corporate’s CEO known as for a 3rd shot — a booster dose — and urged it was potential vaccinated folks must get revaccinated yearly.183

Seven months later, the FDA dutifully accepted the Pfizer booster shot for emergency use by everybody over 18 years outdated,184 and on January 3, 2022, expanded the EUA to permit a 3rd booster shot for kids as younger as 12 years outdated.185 Now there’s speak about a fourth booster shot.186 And the Pfizer CEO is as soon as once more calling for annual COVID vaccinations sooner or later.187

On February 1, 2022, Pfizer utilized for an EUA to present its COVID vaccine to infants and younger youngsters between 6 months and 5 years outdated.188

However, inside 10 days, the request was out of the blue withdrawn after indications that two 3-microgram doses of the vaccine didn’t forestall COVID illness signs in that age group and a 3rd dose could be required to show efficacy.189,190


After the FDA gave emergency use permission to Pfizer in December 2020 to distribute their COVID vaccine, the nonprofit group Public Well being and Medical Professionals for Transparency filed a Freedom of Data Act (FOIA) request for the FDA to right away launch 450,000 pages of Pfizer vaccine testing information that the company relied upon to grant the EUA.

FDA officers refused the request, claiming it will take them 75 years to launch all of the trial information to the general public. A lawsuit was filed and, on Jan 6, 2022, a Texas federal decide ordered the FDA to launch 55,000 pages each 30 days till all of the requested pages have been made public.191

The necessity for full public disclosure was bolstered by an allegation by a whistleblower, who had labored for a subcontractor concerned within the first COVID vaccine scientific trial Pfizer carried out in 2020. She charged that there have been critical irregularities within the trial, together with falsification of information, lack of monitoring of trial members after vaccination and failure to right away observe up of sufferers who skilled opposed occasions.192

Questions About Vaccine Security Testing, Lack of Transparency

Pfizer has been haunted by questions on what it does and doesn’t know concerning the reactivity and long-term negative effects of its COVID vaccine ever because the FDA granted emergency use authorization after solely 9 months of testing.193,194,195

To show security, drug corporations traditionally have been required to first take a look at the experimental vaccine for toxicity in animals, adopted up by Section 1 and a couple of human scientific trials to check the vaccine on just a few hundred volunteers for detection of widespread negative effects; then progress to Section 3 trials that contain hundreds of individuals to additional determine potential critical reactions.196

Though Pfizer did publish just a few small animal research testing its mRNA COVID vaccine on mice, rats and monkeys, a lot of the focus was on displaying the vaccine was efficient, not that it was protected.197,198,199,200

To hurry up the COVID vaccine testing course of, FDA allowed Pfizer and different drug corporations to conduct a number of the animal and human scientific research concurrently, as an alternative of sequentially.201,202

To additional speed up approval, FDA additionally allowed corporations to offer testing information from earlier analysis on different sorts of experimental mRNA vaccines as preliminary proof that COVID mRNA vaccines have been efficient and protected, despite the fact that these different mRNA vaccines have been by no means licensed.203

Majority in Pfizer Scientific Trials Had Hostile Occasions

In December 2020, Pfizer printed outcomes of a Section 2/3 randomized saline placebo managed human scientific trial in a bid to be the primary firm to acquire Emergency Use Authorization from the FDA to distribute a COVID vaccine for mass use.

The corporate examined two 30 microgram doses of the vaccine given 21 days aside to about 21,700 wholesome volunteers aged 16 and older who had not been beforehand identified with COVID, and adopted them up for between seven days and several other months after the second dose to determine widespread and critical opposed occasions.204

The vast majority of vaccinated members skilled an area or systemic response, with youthful folks extra typically reporting negative effects like ache on the injection website, headache, fatigue, fever and swollen lymph glands that occurred extra typically after the second dose and lasted for a number of days however then resolved, in line with Pfizer.

The few critical opposed occasions recorded after vaccination within the trial, equivalent to cardiac arrythmia and a demise from cardiac arrest, have been dismissed by investigators as unrelated to the vaccine.205

In 2021, Pfizer printed outcomes of Section 2/3 scientific trials testing two 30 microgram doses of its COVID vaccine on about 1,100 wholesome 12- to 15-year-olds,206 and one other one which examined two 10 microgram doses on about 1,500 wholesome 5- to 11-year-olds, who had by no means been identified with COVID.207

The kids have been adopted up for seven days, one month and 6 months. For the 5- to 11-year-old youngsters within the Section 2/3 scientific trial who obtained the Pfizer COVID vaccine, researchers decreased the dose from 30 micrograms to 10 micrograms in an effort to decrease the incidence of systemic reactions like fever.

On the CDC web site in a abstract of Pfizer/BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine reactions and opposed occasions, the CDC states that inside seven days of vaccination over 90% of examine members aged 12 to fifteen years reported not less than one native or systemic response and amongst little one examine members aged 5 to 11 years outdated, about 86% reported not less than one native response and about 66% reported not less than one systemic response like fever, chills, fatigue, headache, new or worsened muscle ache or swollen lymph nodes.208

Pfizer Unblinded Shot Trials, Vaccinated Placebo Individuals

Though Pfizer says it plans to observe up scientific trial members of all ages for 2 years, by March 2021 the corporate had unblinded the examine and provided the COVID vaccine to placebo members, which scientifically compromises evaluations and comparisons of long-term well being issues in vaccinated versus unvaccinated members.209,210 The unblinding of a scientific trial whereas observe up of members is ongoing has by no means been finished earlier than — it’s unprecedented.211

In these Section 2/3 trials, together with a six-month follow-up trial,212 and from anecdotal experiences reported by those that have gotten the Pfizer vaccine,213 it’s apparent that the mRNA COVID vaccine is kind of reactive.

The vast majority of vaccinated folks, particularly if they’re youthful and after receiving a second dose,214 expertise acute reactions like injection website ache, fever, headache, fatigue, swollen lymph glands and physique discomfort typically extreme sufficient to require a day or two of restoration, which might embrace needing to remain residence from work.215

One CDC official commented early on that, “Individuals needs to be ready to have ache” following vaccination, suggesting that ache is an indication that “It’s your physique constructing an immune response to the protein that’s mimicking the illness.”216

Different medical doctors level out that sturdy response signs like excessive fevers, chills, headache, joint and muscle aching, and disabling fatigue are proof of an inflammatory response mounted by the innate immune system and that antibodies are later generated by the adaptive a part of the immune system.217,218 It has lengthy been acknowledged that sturdy reactions to pharmaceutical merchandise generally is a purpose to train warning, particularly with repeat doses.219,220,221,222,223

Blood, Cardiac and Mind Problems After Pfizer COVID Photographs

For the reason that Pfizer vaccine was launched underneath an EUA, there have been critical blood, cardiac and mind problems reported within the medical literature, and likewise by individuals who have acquired the vaccine.224,225,226,227

Among the many extra critical are immune thrombocytopenic purpura,228 which causes inside bleeding as a result of the immune system assaults platelets and the blood can’t clot; coronary heart irritation that may trigger quite a lot of cardiac issues;229 and immune mediated inflammatory neurological disorders230,231 like Guillain Barre Syndrome,232 Bell’s Palsy233 and Acute Disseminated Encephalomyelitis.234,235

CDC officers have acknowledged solely two main critical reactions associated to Comirnaty vaccine: (1) anaphylaxis, a extreme allergic response also referred to as shock that has signs like hassle respiratory, swelling of the tongue and throat, hives and drop in blood stress;236,237 and (2) coronary heart irritation, which is often identified as myocarditis or pericarditis with signs like chest ache, quick beating, fluttering or pounding coronary heart and shortness of breath.238

Irritation of the Coronary heart Reported After Pfizer COVID Photographs

Irritation of the center will not be a trivial complication, whether or not it’s attributable to an an infection or a vaccine. Myocarditis is irritation of the cardiac muscle and is extra typically seen in infants and youngsters, however can happen at any age, particularly after a viral an infection.239

Myocarditis and pericarditis, which is irritation of the tissue surrounding the center, are considered largely immune-mediated and in critical circumstances, can result in coronary heart rhythm problems, coronary heart injury, coronary heart failure and demise.

Yearly, coronary heart illness kills almost 660,000 People — 1 in 4. It’s the main explanation for demise in america amongst women and men of all races, costing the nation $363 billion a yr.240 Myocarditis is a recognized complication of smallpox vaccine241 and has been reported after influenza vaccine242 and now could be being reported after the Pfizer and Moderna mRNA vaccines.243,244

A managed examine utilizing giant nationwide healthcare databases from the US Division of Veterans Affairs discovered that people who had acute COVID-19 illness are at elevated threat of many sorts of cardiovascular issues, together with myocarditis and pericarditis; coronary heart rhythm problems; coronary heart failure; ischemic and non-ischemic coronary heart illness that may trigger stroke and thromboembolic illness, or deep vein thrombosis involving blood clots.245

Though researchers stated the best threat for COVID-related coronary heart irritation was in unvaccinated individuals, the myocarditis dangers have been elevated even for vaccinated individuals who obtained COVID.

A descriptive examine carried out by CDC researchers analyzed stories to the federal Vaccine Hostile Occasion Reporting System (VAERS) database from December 2020 to August 2021 and located that crude reporting charges of myocarditis inside seven days of mRNA vaccinations have been greater than anticipated throughout a number of age teams and in each men and women.246

The charges of myocarditis circumstances have been highest after the second dose in adolescent males, with about 70 circumstances of myocarditis reported per million doses of the Pfizer COVID vaccine in 12 to fifteen yr outdated males and about 106 myocarditis circumstances per million doses in males 16 to 17 years outdated. Most myocarditis signs appeared to happen and resolve extra shortly after vaccination than after viral sickness.

Nonetheless, the researchers admitted that, “the dangers and outcomes of myocarditis after COVID-19 vaccination are unclear.”

Blood Clotting and Blood Vessel Problems After Photographs

Blood clotting and blood vessel problems have additionally been reported after receiving Pfizer’s mRNA vaccine. One self-controlled case sequence examine checked out affected person information of 29 million folks vaccinated in England and hospitalized between December 2020 and April 2021.

9 million sufferers within the well being information database obtained the Pfizer vaccine and researchers found an elevated threat for blood clotting and blood vessel problems inside 15 to 21 days of vaccination that may result in demise.247

The conclusion was that after receiving the Pfizer COVID mRNA vaccine, there are elevated dangers for arterial thromboembolism, which is a blood clot in an artery that stops the circulate of blood to an organ or one other a part of the physique;248 and for ischemic stroke, which is when a blood clot cuts off blood provide to the mind and mind cells start to die inside minutes;249 and for cerebral venous sinus thrombosis (CVST), which is when a blood clot varieties within the mind’s venous sinuses and prevents blood from draining out of the mind.250

The researchers identified that these blood clotting and blood vessel problems are also problems of SARS-CoV-2 infections and happen extra incessantly in severely unwell sufferers testing constructive for COVID than after COVID vaccination.

Over 1 Million COVID Vaccine Response Stories Filed

As of February 4, 2022, there have been over 1.1 million opposed occasion stories following COVID-19 vaccinations filed with the U.S. Vaccine Hostile Occasion Reporting System generally known as VAERS that was created underneath the Nationwide Childhood Vaccine Damage Act of 1986.251,252,253,254

COVID vaccine-related response stories signify greater than 50 % of the almost two million whole opposed occasion stories which were made to VAERS for all federally really helpful vaccines because the vaccine response reporting system turned operational in 1990. It’s estimated that solely between one and 10% of vaccine opposed occasions that happen within the U.S. are reported to VAERS.255,256

Utilizing MedAlerts, an unbiased search engine for VAERS established in 2003, I carried out a search the primary week in February 2022 and located that about 624,000 of the COVID vaccine opposed occasion stories have been related to the Pfizer Comirnaty vaccine,257 together with over 130,000 occasions categorized as “critical,”258 and about 15,500 deaths.259,260

A portion of those stories have been filed by residents of different nations who’ve acquired the Pfizer COVID vaccine, and federal well being officers warn that there isn’t any proof of causation for any given vaccine opposed occasion report filed with VAERS.261

In case your physician refuses to report a critical well being drawback following vaccination to VAERS that you just or your little one have suffered, go to NVIC.org to study how one can report it your self.

Robust Inflammatory Responses Related With mRNA Photographs

What’s it concerning the Pfizer mRNA vaccine that makes it so reactive? As a result of the Comirnaty vaccine was fast-tracked to licensure and all animal and human scientific trial information haven’t been totally launched to the general public, there was hypothesis concerning the potential organic mechanisms for vaccine induced inflammatory problems affecting the center vessels and mind and different components of the physique.

The principle concern concerning the Comirnaty vaccine’s reactivity is centered on the actual fact it makes use of a brand new mRNA know-how platform that pushes artificial mRNA coated with lipid nanoparticles into the physique’s cells to pressure cells to supply the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein. That is the primary mRNA vaccine injected into people on a mass foundation and the primary one utilizing a lipid nanoparticle supply system.262

A search of the medical literature and mainstream media articles shortly reveals that two years earlier than Pfizer and Moderna obtained an EUA to distribute their mRNA vaccines, tutorial researchers warned of potential issues of safety with the platform, like native and systemic irritation; stimulation of hyper-inflammatory immune responses inflicting persistent irritation and autoimmunity;263 and the presence of extracellular RNA that will trigger edema and the formation of blood clots.264

The lipid nanoparticles that coat the artificial mRNA in COVID vaccines may be extremely inflammatory, as one current examine in mice demonstrated.265,266 That is the primary human vaccine to incorporate lipid nanoparticles and there are excellent questions on biodistribution within the physique and if they will accumulate in numerous organs of the physique just like the liver, spleen, lungs, kidneys and maybe crosses the blood mind barrier.267,268,269,270,271

There was a debate about whether or not lipid nanoparticle coated mRNA that provokes cells to generate the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein results in the ovaries and will probably have an effect on fertility, with one of many inventors of mRNA know-how and different scientists saying it may occur and different scientists saying it can’t.272,273

On the similar time there’s an investigation happening in Europe about menstrual irregularities and spontaneous bleeding in menopausal girls who’ve gotten mRNA vaccines.274,275

There are additionally questions on antibody dependent enhancement (ADE),276,277 which may make sure individuals who have already got coronavirus antibodies as a result of they obtained vaccinated or had a earlier an infection extra vulnerable to extreme COVID illness if they’re contaminated or re-infected with SARS-CoV-2.

Public well being officers disagree that COVID vaccine may cause antibody dependent enhancement, sustaining that vaccinated individuals who get COVID have milder, no more extreme, illness.278

Questions About Few Contraindications, Lengthy Time period Security

There are questions concerning the virtually whole absence of contraindications, which implies causes to not give the Comirnaty vaccine, and proposals to present one other dose after a earlier response.279 Then there’s the shortage of printed proof for the blanket advice that it’s protected to present Comirnaty vaccine on the similar time with all different authorities really helpful vaccines.280,281

On the finish of the day, the most important security concern about Pfizer’s mRNA vaccine being given to youngsters is that it simply has not been studied lengthy sufficient to find out if it would negatively have an effect on the long run well being of youngsters.

Eminent scientists and medical doctors within the U.S. and world wide have been difficult official narratives about COVID and COVID-19 vaccines and asking all the precise questions.282,283 A U.S. senator has held panel discussions on Capitol Hill to present a voice to those scientists and to those that have been injured by COVID vaccines or have had their knowledgeable consent rights violated.284

People all throughout the nation have been defending civil liberties and knowledgeable consent rights in many various sorts of public boards, whilst they face censorship and abuse from those that try to silence the general public dialog about vaccination, well being and autonomy.285,286

Concern About COVID Vaccine Mandates for Infants and Youngsters

school vaccine mandates

In closing, it is very important do not forget that the COVID-19 vaccine is the seventeenth vaccine U.S. well being officers now direct medical doctors to present to youngsters as younger as 5 years outdated.287 When the FDA offers Pfizer the inexperienced mild to distribute Comirnaty to youngsters youthful than that, the vaccine will probably be given to six-month outdated infants.

After 40 years of monitoring the science, coverage, regulation and ethics of vaccination, my biggest concern is that this new vaccine ultimately will probably be mandated for all infants and youngsters, identical to virtually all vaccines that trade has created up to now century have been mandated.

We’re accountable for defending our kids from hurt, our kids, who at the moment are essentially the most chronically unwell and disabled youngsters within the historical past of our nation.

Two in 5 youngsters between six and 17 years outdated undergo with some form of inflammatory immune or mind dysfunction like bronchial asthma, diabetes and epilepsy,288 and 1 little one in 6 is developmentally delayed,289 however there aren’t any credible explanations coming from public well being officers for why so lots of our kids are rising up sick and disabled and face a lifetime of persistent poor well being.

Debate About Vaccination Is Extra Than 200 Years Outdated

Earlier than the present public debate about COVID vaccine, there have been public debates concerning the knowledge of giving youngsters many different vaccines that have been very reactive. I joined with dad and mom of DPT vaccine injured youngsters to launch the trendy vaccine security and knowledgeable consent motion in 1982 as a result of we wished the poisonous, extremely inflammatory complete cell pertussis vaccine that had harmed our kids taken off the market.290,291

We adopted moms and dads within the nineteenth century, who protested the reactivity of the smallpox vaccine.292,293

Our activism within the late twentieth century was adopted by dad and mom talking out within the early Nineteen Nineties about what occurred to their youngsters after being given the primary genetically engineered vaccine for hepatitis B,294,295,296 adopted by younger moms and dads within the early twenty first century as soon as once more asking authorities, trade and the medical institution to increase data about vaccine negative effects and who’s at highest threat.297,298,299

The charged debates about flawed vaccine science and the violation of the human rights inherent in necessary vaccination legal guidelines haven’t modified in 200 years. The truth that the controversy about vaccination is not going to go away — regardless of how a lot cash and political energy is thrown at it to make it go away — solely confirms the common want for it.

Ethical and Authorized Proper to Make Voluntary Vaccination Selections

As a mom, you have got the ethical proper and will need to have the authorized proper to collect as a lot info as you’ll be able to about COVID illness and the COVID vaccine, seek the advice of with a trusted well being skilled, after which observe your conscience and your intestine instincts when making a call about whether or not or not your little one ought to get vaccinated — with out being coerced or sanctioned by anybody for the choice you make.300

If you wish to work in your state to guard your authorized proper to make a voluntary resolution about vaccination, go to NVICAdvocacy.org and grow to be a registered consumer of the free NVIC Advocacy Portal so you’ll be able to keep knowledgeable about good or unhealthy vaccine payments shifting in your state and take motion.

Final yr, after NVIC labored with households throughout the nation to efficiently maintain again state COVID vaccine mandates after the federal authorities issued strict vaccine mandates for each federal and personal firm staff, about 20 states handed legal guidelines indirectly prohibiting COVID vaccine mandates or vaccine passports.

Not one state legislature handed a regulation mandating the COVID vaccine, whilst Governors and native state officers in just a few states enacted COVID vaccine mandates with out getting legislature approval.301

Join NVIC’s texting service and get NVIC’s weekly journal newspaper — The Vaccine Response — in your e mail field to remain updated on breaking information.302 Learn and obtain vaccine training info from NVIC.org and share it with your folks, household, legislators and thought leaders in your group.

Be the one who by no means has to say you didn’t do right this moment what you may have finished to vary tomorrow. It’s your well being, your loved ones, your alternative. And our mission continues: No compelled vaccination. Not in America.

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