What Is the Most Effective Treatment for Varicose Veins?

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With regards to varicose veins, the simplest therapy depends upon the scale or severity of the veins, and choices vary from self-care to surgical procedure

With regards to varicose veins, the simplest therapy depends upon the scale or severity of the veins, and choices vary from self-care to surgical procedure.

In some circumstances, a mixture of therapies may go finest. Remedy goals at decreasing signs and stopping issues. 


At-home measures are usually advisable as first-line therapy to attenuate the severity of the signs and stop them from worsening:

Sporting compression stockings
Elevating the legs
Avoiding lengthy intervals of sitting or standing
Exercising frequently

Laser therapies

Laser therapy destroys varicose veins by a course of referred to as ablation. Relying on the kind of veins concerned, it’s of two varieties.

Easy laser remedy: Completed for smaller veins nearer to the pores and skin
Endovenous laser remedy (EVLT): Entails inserting a laser fiber into the veins, making them shut up

Radiofrequency ablation (RFA)

The sort of therapy destroys bigger varicose by passing an electrical present by a fiber inserted into the vein. After assessing your veins, your physician could advocate both EVLT or RFA. Each procedures generate warmth and trigger the veins to break down and shut fully. They’re usually thought of an alternate choice for surgical procedure.


Phlebectomy, additionally referred to as stab avulsion or vein stripping, includes making a number of tiny cuts within the pores and skin by which the varicose vein is eliminated. Your physician could carry out a phlebectomy instantly after ablation. Nevertheless, phlebectomy has an extended restoration time as in comparison with ablation.

Surgical procedure

Ligation and stripping: Entails surgically tying veins by a small incision within the pores and skin to stop blood from accumulating. Ligation could also be utilized in mixture with vein stripping.
Sclerotherapy: Entails injecting a chemical referred to as sclerosant right into a varicose vein to break and scar the within lining of the vein. This remedy causes the vein to shut and works extra successfully for small veins than for big veins.

Nonthermal ablation

This therapy includes utilizing medicines as an alternative of warmth to destroy varicose veins:

The primary one accredited by the FDA is Laureth-9, which is a sclerosing agent. It really works by rising the formation of blood clots and scar tissue contained in the veins, which helps lower the dilation of enlarged veins.
The second non-thermal ablation therapy for varicose veins is the VenaSeal system, which makes use of glue to close off the vein.

What causes varicose veins?

Veins comprise one-way valves that maintain the blood flowing from the legs to the heart. When these valves grow to be weak, blood is just not in a position to movement towards the center as effectively because it ought to, so it will get collected within the vein. Over time, amassed blood places stress on the partitions of the veins, which causes the veins to dilate and grow to be twisted.

Elements that enhance the chance of creating varicose veins embody:

Advancing age
Feminine gender
Contraceptive capsules
Pregnancy (as a consequence of elevated blood movement and hormonal modifications)
Household historical past of varicose veins
Being overweight or obese
Standing or sitting for lengthy intervals

What are signs of varicose veins?

Not all varicose veins trigger signs. Some could be a beauty concern, as they’ll seem darkish purple or blue, twisted, or bulging. In some circumstances, they might be accompanied by:

Muscle cramping
Feeling of heaviness
Pain after sitting or standing for a very long time
Pores and skin discoloration

Spider veins are smaller variations of varicose veins and infrequently seem like a spider’s net.

What exams are executed to diagnose varicose veins?

Prognosis of varicose veins requires taking your medical historical past and performing a bodily examination, signs evaluation, and a Doppler ultrasound of the legs. 

Doppler ultrasound is an imaging take a look at that includes transferring a small machine referred to as a transducer over the legs. The take a look at lets your physician know if there’s a weakened vein valve and may present whether or not there’s a blood clot within the veins.

What are the issues of varicose veins?

Problems of varicose veins are uncommon. In the event that they happen, they might embody:

Varicose ulcers: You could develop painful ulcers, particularly over the ankle. These ulcers can take time to heal and maintain recurring even after being healed.
Blood clots: Stagnated blood can clot and trigger your leg to swell. The situation causes the veins to enlarge and grow to be infected (thrombophlebitis).
Bleeding: Varicose veins near the pores and skin can burst and trigger bleeding.

When you develop any of those issues, search medical consideration instantly.


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Medically Reviewed on 2/11/2022

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