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Flea bites vs bedbug bites: what are the variations?

Medical Creator: Dr. Anita Dhanorkar, BHMS

Medical Reviewer: Pallavi Suyog Uttekar, MD

You could be bitten by an insect and get a small, painful, itchy, crimson bump on the pores and skin. Some insect bites could also be critical and you may see the marks on the web site of the chew. There could also be oozing from the marks within the case of a black widow spider bite or a wasp chew.

It is rather tough to know whether or not you had been bitten by an insect if in case you have not seen it. Nevertheless, the therapy for many insect bites is analogous.

What does a flea chew appear to be?

Flea bites appear to be crimson spots over the legs and ankles. They could seem in a cluster of two or three.

The bites are normally current over the uncovered space. Marks might seem in a line of three bites referred to as the  “breakfast, lunch, dinner sample.” Some individuals might expertise allergic reactions to it.

Fleas are wingless, 2 to 8-mm lengthy, oval caterpillar-like bloodsucking parasites that principally feed on people and animals (cats, dogs, rodents, and even birds). They could leap as excessive as 150 occasions their peak and journey from one physique to a different over an incredible distance. They will survive in excessive circumstances for a very long time with none meals, even for one to 2 months. They had been the most typical transmitter of bubonic plague up to now.

In case your dermatologist suspects a flea bite, they’ll inquire about your dwelling circumstances and up to date publicity after your pores and skin examination. There isn’t any laboratory check to verify that fleas are the causal agent of those rashes.

If you’re recognized/suspected to have a flea chew

Don’t scratch.
Wash the positioning with water and antiseptic cleaning soap.
Apply a cold material to the realm to alleviate the pain, redness, and swelling.
Take over-the-counter oral antihistamines to alleviate itchings similar to cetirizine or loratadine.
Apply some soothing lotion similar to calamine or pramoxine.
Keep away from taking scorching showers as a result of they could worsen your itching by incubating the larvae contained in the chew.
You could go to your dermatologist if you happen to discover pus oozing from the sores or if the an infection worsens.

What do bedbug bites appear to be?

Bedbugs are small red-brown bugs that usually stay on furnishings or a mattress. In the event that they chew you, you might even see 

Crimson spots on the physique.
Itching and redness on the positioning of the chew (typically in a line or cluster).
A painful swelling if in case you have an allergy.
Extreme allergic reactions (hardly ever).

When you get a bug bite

Put a chilly moist material on it to alleviate your pain.
Don’t scratch to keep away from spreading the an infection.
Preserve that space clear.
Apply over-the-counter antihistamine cream to ease your itching.
Use steroidal lotions (hydrocortisone) after consulting together with your dermatologist.
At all times present the bites on a toddler to a health care provider.

What are the variations between flea bites and bedbug bites?

It is rather tough to distinguish a flea chew and a bedbug bite from wanting on the rash. To detect the reason for your chew, your dermatologist will look at the pores and skin and contemplate your private historical past and the locations you visited not too long ago.

Bedbugs principally stay round furnishings and your mattress, whereas fleas might infest your pets and any rodents in or round your dwelling area.
Bedbug bites usually seem on the uncovered areas such because the face, neck, hand, or arms. They usually seem in a straight line or a zigzag sample throughout your pores and skin. Nevertheless, a flea chew usually seems over the ankles and decrease legs.
Bedbug bites might result in continual itchy pimples in your pores and skin or you might get massive bumps which are painful and heat to the contact. Flea bites are simply contaminated by scratching and may type pus-filled pimples.
Each varieties of bites usually are not normally painful, however it’s best to verify the positioning correctly in case you might have been bitten. With a flea chew, you might escape in hives (urticaria) typically, or hardly ever, you might get extreme hypersensitivity reactions similar to respiratory signs.
When you’ve got been bitten by a bedbug, the itchy crimson bumps might final for a number of days. Nevertheless, a flea chew takes a number of weeks to resolve.

How can I forestall the recurrence of flea and bedbug bites?

Eradication of fleas and bedbugs out of your environment is crucial to cease the continuation of bites and rashes.
You could be sure your home and surrounding areas are utterly handled for fleas, particularly larvae and bedbugs.
You could seek the advice of pest management providers to handle any previous furnishings and beds for bedbugs. They will handle points with fleas and rodents similar to rats and mice as nicely.
You could preserve the cleanliness of your property by ceaselessly vacuuming and washing the mattress linens.
You could maintain your pets clear and they need to be handled for any fleas.
You could wash your palms after touching pets.

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