Robert Malone and Candace Owens Interview

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I hope you take pleasure in this two-part interview of two mental giants by Candace Owens with Dr. Robert Malone, inventor of the mRNA and DNA vaccine core platform expertise.1 They talk about a number of the most essential points going through humanity immediately. Of their practically four-hour dialogue, they contact on the whole lot from COVID-19 pictures’ results on fertility to the “purple line” that’s been crossed — referring to concentrating on youngsters with social stress and coercion to get jabbed.

Malone has been thrust into the highlight for talking out concerning the dangers of COVID-19 pictures, along with his phrases going viral earlier than rapidly being erased from YouTube and Twitter. It doesn’t matter if what he’s saying is true; if it creates “vaccine hesitancy,” it is going to be censored. Towards that finish, Malone has been focused by the media and labeled an “anti-vaxxer,” which is ironic since he’s acquired COVID-19 pictures.

That reality ought to make it all of the extra obvious that he’s talking out not resulting from a predetermined agenda or as a result of he’s getting wealthy — on the contrary, his popularity is continually beneath assault — however as a result of he believes it’s the appropriate factor to do, and he feels morally obliged to assist anybody he can.

COVID-19 Pictures Are Affecting Fertility

Anecdotal experiences of alterations in girls’s menstrual cycles following COVID-19 pictures have poured in across the globe. Adjustments embody heavier and extra painful periods2 and adjustments in menses size, in addition to surprising breakthrough bleeding or recognizing amongst girls on long-acting contraception or those that are postmenopausal and haven’t had a interval in years and even many years.3

Well being officers have tried to brush off the experiences, and docs have informed girls that it’s only a results of stress — one thing dubbed “hysteria” in earlier instances. Upon listening to that so many ladies’s considerations have been dismissed as hysteria, Malone mentioned:4

“Is that this the Fifties? Have I simply gone again a century? This entire factor that ladies are being histrionic is so mid-century. However that’s how they rolled it out. And it’s not simply youthful girls. It’s post-menopausal girls that begin having menstruation. That’s one other huge one, which is, for pathologists, which is a part of my background, that’s a purple flag for most cancers.”

Certain sufficient, a research revealed in Obstetrics & Gynecology in January 2022 — funded by the Nationwide Institute of Youngster Well being and Human Growth (NICHD) and the Nationwide Institutes of Well being (NIH) Workplace of Analysis on Ladies’s Well being — confirmed an affiliation between menstrual cycle size and COVID-19 pictures.5

Pfizer’s biodistribution research, which was used to find out the place the injected substances go within the physique, additionally confirmed the COVID spike protein from the pictures accrued in “fairly excessive concentrations” within the ovaries.6

A Japanese biodistribution research for Pfizer’s jab additionally discovered that vaccine particles transfer from the injection website to the blood, after which circulating spike proteins are free to journey all through the physique, together with to the ovaries, liver, neurological tissues and different organs.7 Malone defined:8

“The factor that drives menstruation is the ovary. We all know that the lipids — the artificial, positively charged fat that wrap the RNA to get it to slide into cells — have by no means been administered to people earlier than. We all know from the Pfizer knowledge bundle that got here out of Japan that these lipids go to the ovary … your youngsters, your women are born with all of the eggs that they’ll ever have of their total lives.

And we don’t know but what the reproductive hurt goes to be, however we do know that in younger girls, reproductive age girls, we’re seeing this phenotype, this attribute.

And never solely am I very frightened about it, I did testimony — as did many others — with the Orthodox Jewish group … they made the dedication and despatched out a proper assertion to their group that these vaccines shouldn’t be utilized in youngsters and strongly discourage their use in adults.

And one of many causes is they’re very centered on reproductive well being. What we’re speaking about is a deep problem that’s not treatable in any respect … I feel we will say this with confidence that if we’re having menstrual irregularities, we’re having alterations in fertility.”

DOD Whistleblowers Warn of Spike in Antagonistic Occasions

Thomas Renz, a lawyer that Malone is aware of personally, had three Division of Protection (DOD) whistleblowers come ahead. That they had datamined the DOD well being database, which Malone states is without doubt one of the finest in the united states9

They seemed by knowledge from 2015 to 2020, establishing a baseline of the variety of circumstances of miscarriage, most cancers, neurological illness and stillbirths. Then, they in contrast it to 2021, after the COVID-19 pictures rolled out. Renz confirmed Malone a number of the disturbing knowledge:10

“I simply skimmed the info. Thomas had his laptop computer open and confirmed me a number of the issues which are popping up. They pulled an enormous quantity of knowledge out of the DOD databases after which did a whistleblower criticism. Ron Johnson has now prolonged Senate safety to them formally as whistleblowers.

So that they got here to Thomas Renz with this info, and from what I noticed — now that is preliminary, we haven’t dissected it but — however on the prime stage, I assumed it was mind-blowing. The details about miscarriages, the details about cancers, which is validating what Ryan Cole has been involved about, neurologic illness and the stillbirths is there.

And apparently, in line with Thomas, these courageous whistleblowers have captured examples and knowledge, with the cardiac occasions, for example, of the Division of Protection — whoever is doing this, the info administration — is definitely entering into and deleting circumstances, manipulating the database.”

Owens additionally noticed the info and mentioned the bottom class enhance was 248%, whereas others elevated by 1,000%. “It’s not refined,” Malone mentioned.11

Specialists Increase Most cancers Issues

Dr. Ryan Cole, the Mayo Clinic-trained, triple-boarded pathologist who Malone referred to, has acknowledged that he’s seeing potential cancer-causing adjustments, together with decreases in receptors that hold most cancers in examine, and different adversarial occasions post-shot:12

“I’m seeing numerous adversarial reactions … it is actually post-vaccine immunodeficiency syndrome … I am seeing a marked enhance in herpetic household viruses, human papilloma viruses within the submit vaccinated. I am seeing a marked uptick in a laboratory setting from what I see 12 months over 12 months of a rise of normally quiescent illnesses.

Along with that — and correlation just isn’t causation — however within the final six months I’ve seen — you already know, I learn a good quantity of girls’s well being biopsies —a couple of 10- to 20-fold enhance of uterine most cancers in comparison with what I see on an annual foundation.

Now we all know that the CD8 cells are one in all our T-cells to maintain our cancers in examine. I’m seeing early indicators … what I am seeing is an early sign within the laboratory setting that submit vaccinated sufferers are having illnesses that we usually do not see at charges which are already early significantly alarming.”

Along with the consequences on the ovaries, the Japanese research discovered vaccine deposits have been present in bone marrow, elevating extra most cancers considerations, Malone says:13

“Bone marrow is actually delicate to native environments … and produces a complete lot of several types of cells which are concerned in bone metabolism. That is one thing that issues rather a lot to girls, significantly as they transfer by menopause — bone density. I

So there are cells that regulate bone transforming and bone density that come out of your bone marrow. A lot of your blood components come from stem cells that sit in your bone marrow. Crimson cells and white cells.

There are various sorts of most cancers that may happen when these stem cell populations that reside in your bone marrow get modified in order that they lose their regular controls on development. In order that’s actually what most cancers is. So lymphoma, leukemia, persistent myelogenous leukemia, all this stuff, are all bone marrow most cancers illnesses.”

The Silencing of Mass Formation Psychosis

In case you’ve heard the time period “mass formation psychosis” just lately, it’s doubtless as a result of Malone talked about it on an episode of “The Joe Rogan Expertise” December 31, 2021, which was seen by greater than 50 million individuals.14 January 2, 2022, mass formation psychosis reached a price of 100 on Google Developments,15 which suggests it had reached peak recognition, after beforehand being virtually unprecedented.

The technocrats rapidly took motion, manipulating search outcomes and populating Google with propaganda to discredit Malone and the mass formation psychosis concept — despite the fact that Mattias Desmet, professor of medical psychology on the College of Ghent in Belgium, who has 126 publications to his title,16 has been finding out it for a few years, and the phenomenon really dates again over 100 years.

These beneath the spell of mass formation psychosis obsessively concentrate on a failure of the traditional world or a selected occasion or particular person, who turns into the main focus of the eye and may successfully management the plenty.

Mass formation can happen in a society with emotions of social isolation and free-floating nervousness amongst a lot of individuals, and gives a coherent rationalization of why so many individuals have fallen sufferer to the unbelievable lies and propaganda of the mainstream COVID-19 narrative. The phenomenon results in totalitarian pondering and, ultimately, to totalitarian states, however as Malone informed Owens, luckily about one-third of persons are immune to it.

Talking Out to Save Youngsters

Malone is devoted to talking out as a result of he needs to guard future generations. He’s involved concerning the pandemic response’s results on youngsters, stating that public insurance policies have had a very sturdy adversarial impact on the younger.

He referred to as COVID-19 injection mandates “utterly unjustified” for children17 and recommends that youths who’ve acquired COVID-19 injections have their hearts checked for injury,18 given the actual danger of myocarditis and coronary heart injury. Masks mandates in faculties have additionally interfered with youngsters’s psychological well being, and Malone believes they’re inflicting developmental delays in youngsters.

Additional, a invoice has now been launched in California that may enable 12-year-olds to consent to COVID-19 pictures, which Malone presents as one other manner the federal government is implementing management the place it doesn’t belong:19

“When it comes to children, mothers and dads should take possession … it’s your job, it’s my job to guard the youngsters, and don’t let the federal government get in the midst of your loved ones. That’s one other factor that has been so unsuitable right here, how we’ve allowed the federal government to insert itself into the household, and that has obtained to cease …

What we’ve discovered is that youngsters are being subjected to intense social stress and stress by their college lecturers. So technically within the medical analysis world, we name this coercion. Identical to giving out ice cream to take jabs is enticement …

They’re searching for to create a state of affairs wherein youngsters are going to be subjected to coercion by their college lecturers and their friends to take an unlicensed medical product that they don’t have to take as a result of they aren’t in danger from the illness, and which has actual dangers of inflicting them hurt. That’s, to be blunt, the place we’re at. What do I say to folks? I say get knowledgeable.”

Will There Be a Nice Reset or a Nice Awakening?

We’re on the level now the place all media is being manipulated and knowledge is being managed. “There’s a college of thought,” Malone mentioned, “that this occurred way back with the rise of the Rockefellers, and the perversion of all the medical enterprise and medical faculties.”20

Within the immediacy, individuals who have been harmed by COVID-19 pictures are being referred to as loopy by their family and friends. Those that have banded along with different victims on social media, forming teams to share their experiences that even many docs proceed to disclaim, have additionally been shut down, their pages deleted. “It’s the final word gaslighting,” Malone mentioned.21

He and Owens contact on far more within the interview, from the worldwide narrative that’s intent on looking down physicians and taking away their licenses for offering early COVID-19 remedy to how Invoice Gates and Massive Tech have succeeded in creating monopolies and gained management of data.

Malone, nonetheless, needs to empower individuals with info and instruments to assume to allow them to make their very own choices concerning the world round them. If that happens, and other people reconnect and are available collectively as soon as once more for an actual larger good, he believes we will keep away from a Nice Reset and as a substitute expertise a Nice Awakening:22

“There’s the Nice Reset, which is usually tied to this language of ‘construct again higher,’ as a result of that’s the accepted language from the World Financial Discussion board. So there’s this Nice Reset towards a world the place we personal nothing and we’re blissful … and we’re informed what to do and we do it.

And there’s the Nice Awakening, the place it might be a renaissance. If we use the metaphor of Europe within the 1400s, 1500s and 1600s, transferring from a darkish age right into a renaissance … there was a interval of intense explosion when individuals obtained intellectually engaged …

If we enable ourselves to start out pondering once more and fascinating with the world and fascinating with one another, may we get to some extent the place now we have a Nice Awakening as a substitute of a Nice Reset? The place we grow to be dedicated to one another and to a lifetime of the thoughts and the physique? I feel that could be a risk. I don’t assume that we’re too far gone.”

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