One Scientist's Search for Truth About Human Retroviruses

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Judy Mikovits, Ph.D., a virologist, researcher and founding analysis director of the Whittemore Peterson Institute — which researches and treats power fatigue syndrome (CFS) in Reno, Nevada — obtained embroiled in controversy when, in 2009, she was the senior writer on a paper which reported {that a} retrovirus often known as xenotropic murine leukemia virus-related virus (XMRV) might play a causal function in CFS and different illnesses, together with autism.

Her e-book, “Plague: One Scientist’s Intrepid Search for the Truth About Human Retroviruses and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS), Autism and Other Diseases,” particulars her analysis and private trials that arose as a consequence of her work.

“Kent Heckenlively basically wrote it,” Mikovits says, “as a result of I write like a scientist. We wrote it utilizing the style of flashback. He taped hours and hours of me telling the story as he requested me questions — as a result of he is skilled as an lawyer — after which he turned that into this suspense-thriller. Apparently sufficient, it virtually has to learn like fiction due to the legal professionals it took to … ensure we weren’t sued.”

What Are Retroviruses?

Earlier than we go additional, let’s assessment what a retrovirus is. A retrovirus is a ribonucleic acid (RNA) virus — in different phrases, a virus that accommodates RNA encoded genes relatively than deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA). Utilizing reverse transcriptase, the retrovirus is ready to remodel the single-stranded RNA right into a double-stranded DNA.

When the retrovirus infects a number, it integrates its DNA into the DNA of the host cell, which permits the retrovirus to duplicate itself and unfold by means of the host. As increasingly cells are contaminated, you change into more and more sicker. Mikovits explains:

“People have a DNA genome. Our blueprint is DNA. Retroviruses have an RNA genome, however additionally they are distinctive within the RNA household of viruses, the place their RNA genome is reverse-transcribed. That’s, written backwards by an enzyme distinctive to retroviruses known as reverse transcriptase. That enzyme writes the RNA into DNA.

Then they’ve one other enzyme known as integrase. Integrase is sort of a pair of scissors that cuts open your DNA after which inserts the retrovirus, which is just about 8,000 base pairs, a really, very, very small virus, 50 to 100 nanometers on an electron micrograph. That piece of DNA — known as a provirus — is now within the DNA of your cells endlessly. Each time your cells replicate, you make extra viruses.”

Now, this DNA insertion has been ongoing all through human historical past. Based on Mikovits, about 10% of the human genome is retroviral in origin. These are known as human endogenous retroviruses. These, nonetheless, differ in that they have been crippled partly by our DNA methylation equipment (which modulates genes expression and the human immune system — in order that they’ll now not make full viruses and subsequently can’t infect others.

Nevertheless, once you’re contaminated with a retrovirus akin to human T-lymphotropic virus (HTLV-1), HIV HBRV or Borellia as in power Lyme illness and develop DNA methylation and immune dysfunction, these endogenous retroviruses start to be expressed, and that is yet one more actually vital discovering.

HIV — One Instance of a Transmissible Retrovirus

One instance of a transmissible retrovirus is the HIV virus, which might cascade into the medical signs of acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS). HIV was found in 1982, and as talked about above, was a part of Mikovits’ early analysis work. Her e-book consists of the historical past of that vital discovery.

When Mikovits first started finding out retroviruses, HIV/AIDS was utterly unknown, however they suspected a retrovirus was at play due to how retroviruses have an effect on the human immune system and result in acquired immune deficiencies and cancers.

“You do not simply at some point get this virus and also you’re sick. In actual fact, we now know tens of millions of individuals have HIV and can by no means develop AIDS. We speak about that within the e-book, as a result of the e-book in the end is one in all hope that we repair HIV.

I can actually inform you in 1999, once I was working the lab of antiviral drug mechanisms, I didn’t ever count on we’d remedy that drawback. Now, AIDS sufferers on antiretroviral remedy are most likely more healthy and develop fewer cancers … than many of the remainder of society.”

Some retroviruses, together with XMRV (however not HIV), additionally infect your germ cells, which suggests they not solely trigger steady an infection in your physique but in addition switch to your offspring.

“XMRV, the xenotropic murine (mouse) leukemia retrovirus, is the mouse-related retroviruses that trigger most cancers and many neurological illnesses. These have an effect on the stem cells, the egg, the sperm — each cell in your physique. That was one of many huge ‘Oh, my Gods,’ about our discovery,” Mikovits says.

In relation to therapy, the bottom line is to maintain the virus silent, as a result of after they’re not, every time your cells divide you make extra retroviruses. For this, antiretroviral remedies are used, a few of which shall be mentioned later on this article.


After 9/11, Mikovits began working with a lady whose daughter was severely unwell with power fatigue syndrome. “Principally, that was the primary time I ever noticed the illness known as ME/CFS (myalgic encephalomyelitis/power fatigue syndrome),” she says.

“This individual was a herpes virus often known as human herpesvirus 6 (HHV-6). This can be a virus distinguished in folks with Kaposi sarcoma, [which] grew to become related to HIV and AIDS. Dr. Patrick Moore and Dr. Yuan Chang [discovered] that Kaposi sarcoma was truly brought on by a herpes virus — then often known as Kaposi sarcoma herpes virus; now, it is HHV-8.

As a result of the immune system is crippled, you get up the sleeping herpes viruses. Individuals with autism, ME/CFS and cancers have plenty of power energetic infections, so we frequently see the Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) related to outbreaks of ME/CFS …

This lady launched me to Dr. Dan Peterson and Annette Whittemore in Incline Village, Nevada, the place he had been finding out outbreaks of ME/CFS for most likely 25 years. He stated he had a financial institution of samples. We went up there. I met all of the sufferers.

I interviewed them in nice size and developed a speculation, which had truly been proven earlier than by Elaine Defreitas, Ph.D., one other scientist a few years earlier …

Defreitas had remoted retroviruses from sufferers with ME/CFS. A health care provider … named Sidney Grossberg had additionally remoted retroviruses from a minimum of one affected person with ME/CFS. So, the retroviral speculation wasn’t new. All the things about it match …

One of the severely injured sufferers at the moment was Whittemore’s daughter, Andrea. That summer time (2006), I went up there … and began finding out it … I used the methods biology strategy, as a result of there’s plenty of heterogeneity.

We all know AIDS sufferers who’ve HIV and can by no means get AIDS … I interviewed sufferers in Peterson’s workplace all summer time and took blood, urine, saliva and every kind of samples to isolate that virus, which is what you should do to indicate it is related to a illness.”

The Discovery of Infectious Retroviruses

Ultimately, she introduced collectively a number of of her former and present colleagues who have been world consultants in HIV sequencing to have a look at ME/CFS. Amongst them was the world’s main electron microscopist, Kunio Nagashima, who has carried out the electron micrographs of each household of human retroviruses found: the human beta retrovirus, human delta virus, lenti-virus (akin to HIV) and gamma retroviruses.

Working in collaboration with the Cleveland Clinic, Mikovits and her crew remoted the virus and spent the higher a part of 2008 and 2009 placing a paper collectively, proving the XMRV retrovirus was infectious and transmissible and never simply one other crippled human endogenous retrovirus.

“To our horror, we realized these [retroviruses] could possibly be aerosolized. This was in 2011 … That was actually the primary nail in my coffin, pun supposed, as a result of the nationwide academy member, John Coffin, Ph.D. — who had informed Frank Ruscetti, ‘There isn’t any such factor as human retroviruses. Do not examine them’ — then made a fortune out of HIV and did all the things he might to destroy me and the sufferers,” Mikovits says.

“Previous to publication in 2009, we wrote a patent on the detection of those retroviruses, these items and components as contaminants of the cell cultures, of the cell traces from which we make vaccines.

After they destroyed my fame and profession and compelled the retraction of our paper from [the journal] Science, Coffin circled and wrote a patent on the detection of those viruses in contaminating cell linings and contaminating biologicals in our labs.”

This PDF consists of emails, letters and supporting documentation exhibiting how the retraction of Mikovits’ Science paper was pressured, after which Coffin filed his personal patent for a detection technique of the contaminants in cell traces used for vaccines and different biologicals. There’s additionally documentation detailing the scientific fraud Mikovits asserts on this interview.

Infectious Retroviruses Might Taint Blood Provide and Vaccines

In her e-book, she additionally particulars how infectious retroviruses are nonetheless possible infecting many organic options used clinically at present, akin to vaccines and different therapies. To say that it is a concern can be an understatement. Mikovits explains:

“That was actually on the coronary heart of the large ‘Oh, my God.’ The worst I realized on this complete expertise is how corrupt scientific journals are. In actual fact, Ruscetti now calls Science, that prestigious journal, ‘The Nationwide Inquirer,’ as a result of they actually engineered the entire thing to destroy MEC/FS sufferers and any affiliation this virus [XMRV] had with these illnesses …

All the research confirmed that the management inhabitants was between 3.75 and 6.8% contaminated. If you do a examine and there is proof of an infection in 6% of the human inhabitants, that is 25 million Individuals. To place that in context, on the top of HIV/AIDS in 1995, it was 1 million Individuals. It will crush our well being care system in the event that they needed to pay for what they prompted.”

The results of Mikovits’ findings was nothing wanting private devastation. Not solely was her paper retracted by Science, she was even arrested for “stealing” her personal lab notes. Prices have been in the end dropped, however the harm to her fame was a carried out deal.

“Principally, our paper got here out on October 8, 2009. It was actually like ‘the shot heard all over the world.’ I used to be on the highway each single day. All over the place I went docs have been like, ‘She’s obtained it. She’s obtained it. She’s obtained it,’ and never simply with MEC/FS but in addition with most cancers, leukemia, lymphoma, with prostate most cancers.

If you begin trying on the inflammatory occasions within the acquired immune deficiencies, with autoimmune illness, with Lou Gehrig’s illness, the issue grew to become this [retro]virus. Effectively, there isn’t any single virus. There is not any HIV. There’s an entire household of HIVs. There’s an HIV 1. There’s an HIV 2. There is a pressure A, B, C and D.

Why will we do influenza vaccines for this pressure de jour or yearly? [Because] there are strains of viruses. There are households of viruses … The second that we revealed this paper, we began working to get a diagnostic check for the blood provide to indicate it wasn’t contaminated, which, the truth is, it was.

Later that 12 months, the final discuss I ever gave was on a science paper that got here out September 22, 2011 … That discuss was mainly a debate for the proof that there are human retroviruses of the XMRV household that are not VP62 (the infectious molecular clone, not the pure isolates of our paper).

We might present within the unique paper that there was proof of murine leukemia viruses, gamma retroviruses that have been infectious and transmissible, simply as we had stated.

Coffin was on the opposite finish of that debate. He stated it was all a recombination occasion. He revealed a paper in 2013 saying, ‘After we labored with mouse cells, they expressed plenty of items and components of retroviruses. This simply occurred to occur within the laboratory.’

[Hence, he claimed] that is what we had remoted. [Coffin claimed] that what we have been have been simply contaminants within the laboratory. ‘It is all a lab contaminant,’ [Coffin said], ‘You may all go dwelling. You are secure.'”

Large Public Well being Issues Swept Below the Rug

As one may count on, Mikovits’ analysis prompted huge concern within the skilled neighborhood, as a result of right here was a newly recognized, infectious and transmissible retrovirus that nobody was screening for, and it was doubtlessly contaminating 10% of the human blood provide. However relatively than face the issue head on, it was quickly swept beneath the proverbial rug.

“My mother was watching Good Morning America one morning. Throughout the underside of the ticker tape stated, ‘XMRV all a hoax’ … It was horrible. We began to comprehend our pretend information and pretend science.”

At the moment, the blood provide is unlikely to be contaminated, because of a decontamination process developed by a California-based firm known as Cerus and which Mikovits proved to inactivate XMRV, rendering it noninfectious.

Different biologicals, together with vaccines, nonetheless, is probably not routinely decontaminated utilizing this course of, largely as a result of they are not required to take action, and drug firms will not be chargeable for vaccine-induced hurt. What’s extra, decontaminating the vaccine might render it ineffective.

“It will not work. It can now not be a vaccine … The Cerus technique cleans up Ebola. It cleans up Zika. It cleans up basically any RNA viruses, together with HIV and all three human retroviruses. The Cerus system is extraordinarily priceless to cleansing up the blood provide.

However they can’t clear up the vaccines for one more motive. In the event that they do, they show Andy Wakefield proper. They show me proper. They show they have 25 million Individuals, who they must assist for the remainder of their lives and pay damages [to] …”

The Value of Making an Unpopular Scientific Discovery

On a private degree, Mikovits has taken an infinite private hit. September 29, 2011, she was fired from the Whittemore Peterson Institute for insolence and insubordination, and was pushed into chapter 11 after being falsely arrested for stealing her personal lab notes. (She by no means was and to at the present time just isn’t in possession of her notebooks or any of the 2 places of work stuffed with her work carried out in her whole profession.)

She explains her firing saying that Whittemore had been promoting a diagnostic check and the director of their for-profit business laboratory was utilizing federal grant funds to do this work (with full data and beneath the course of Annette and Harvey Whittemore), which is misappropriation of federal funds. Mikovits grew to become conscious of this in August that 12 months, and wrote him off the grant.

“The Whittemores mainly fired me instantly in an try … to get this scientist, Vince Lombardi, Ph.D. … to recreate the work whereas I used to be out of city and say I used to be a lunatic — that he’d been doing the work all alongside, and he hadn’t misappropriated any of the funds.

They fired me on September 29 and instantly locked down the whole college to me or my employees … The insolence and insubordination was I had refused a direct order to misappropriate federal funds, mainly. I wasn’t ever going to do this. The insolence I am attempting to be taught to not do, as a result of it most likely would have gone so much higher for me if I did not say ‘F-you,’ on the similar time …

It was September 22, 2011, once I gave my final discuss. That they had three weeks to get a Science paper on the market that may destroy my fame within the ME/CFS neighborhood … Ruscetti needed to signal that paper, or he and Sandy Ruscetti can be fired … [and] lose their whole retirement, which is 75 years.

That was one of many few instances I sobbed. I used to be sitting in my mattress screaming … It was 6 o’clock within the morning. They have been on the East coast and so they wanted to get this paper revealed quick by Science.

I known as the Ruscettis and stated, ‘Frank, they agreed to alter the language. They agreed to alter the title. They agreed it wasn’t an affiliation examine … [they say] we did not have a diagnostic check. Both manner, the Whittemores are going to kill me as a result of they’re promoting the diagnostic check.’

So Frank [Ruscetti] signed the paper. They did not change the wording. [What they did] is pure fraud. Right here, the top of the Nationwide Coronary heart, Lung, and Blood Institute revealed pure fraud within the journal Science, simply as two years later, Ian Lipkin revealed pure fraud. It’s pretend information. It’s so corrupt, all the things about it.

It isn’t [the researchers]. It is the highest of the road. It is Dr. Tony Fauci. We’re solely allowed to make incremental advances. If you make a discovery of this nature, it modifications all of all the things. That is misogyny … This can be a bunch of little boys … combating over who will get credit score, whereas the world dies, whilst you kill a whole continent.

That is why I do exhibits like this. As a result of we’ll train docs. When docs perceive the science — and so they’re coming round so much — as a result of the science is there. Nothing about our paper, besides the sequence of the virus, has ever been improper. We knew that at first.”

Individuals Contaminated With Retroviruses Ought to Keep away from Vaccinations

Based on Mikovits, retroviruses akin to XMRV have an effect on whole households, as it may be transmitted to your offspring. Many of those households even have kids with autism, which Mikovits believes could also be related to the retrovirus. The query is, what are you able to do when you’re contaminated? For starters, Mikovits recommends avoiding vaccinations.

“Till 2011, not inconsequentially, we did not vaccinate AIDS sufferers the identical manner. It is within the e-book. You do not vaccinate the immune-compromised … By definition, you will have an immune system that does not work. Why would you vaccinate them? Why would you vaccinate anyone beneath 3 years previous, who has an immune and detox methods that do not work?

This was the important thing of the RNaseL story (a genetic susceptibility to not degrade RNA viruses), of the Thompson fraudulent paper [Editor’s note: This refers to William Thompson, Ph.D., a former senior scientist at the CDC’s National Center for Immunizations and Respiratory Diseases, who confessed he conspired to cover up links found between the MMR vaccine and autism].

All they needed to do was watch for Black boys to be 3 years previous, and they’d have been capable of degrade the RNA virus. That is legal. That is past comprehension …

The pearl of knowledge is that this DNA methylation. Maintain the violent virus silent … DNA methylation has to silence them. You may’t inject them in a vaccine. We’re injecting tens of millions of items in components of retroviruses in each vaccine, by definition (and admission).

I’m engaged on an ongoing most cancers lawsuit that claims vaccines trigger childhood most cancers, a lymphoma. By these similar mechanisms, you have destroyed the DNA methylation equipment’s means [to silence the virus]. You have merely overwhelmed the substrate. You have overwhelmed the flexibility to methylate.

Each time these viruses combine, you will have a greater likelihood at insertional mutagenesis. Do not expose anyone to human (or animal) retroviruses. Use antiretroviral remedy, that are pure merchandise … There are many pure merchandise. We revealed on them. These are literally remedy for these children.

[A 100-year-old drug called Suramin] was one of many first antiretroviral therapies for HIV … [It] labored finest in opposition to the murine leukemia virus-related viruses, in opposition to the mouse retroviruses, the gamma retroviruses …

[Dr. Robert] Naviaux [professor of medicine, pediatrics and pathology at University of California San Diego School of Medicine] did a small medical trial.1 These children obtained their life again.2 They began speaking once more. What did Bayer do? They stopped the trial and took the drug away from everybody. Now, you’ll be able to’t get it …

We might assist tens of millions of individuals recover from [autism]. However once you present remedy, you realize trigger. That is it. I’d be proper … Tens of millions of individuals would get their lives again, and it is all about cash.”

XMRV Is a Vital Menace

As talked about, there are a number of completely different retroviruses, that are a part of 4 viral households (delta, lenti, beta and gamma). Other than HIV and XMRV, there’s the human T-cell leukemia lymphoma virus (HTLV-1) household. There are 5 or 6 HTLV viruses, however HTLV-1 is the one one identified to trigger extreme illness.

Human beta retrovirus is one other virus related to major biliary cirrhosis. Many sufferers with MEC/FS even have members of the family with major biliary cirrhosis. As for which one may be essentially the most vital risk, Mikovits believes XMRV is among the many most urgent, as a result of whereas HIV is well-contained at current, XMRV just isn’t, and it seems to play a big function in illnesses of methylation.

Disturbingly, they’re now utilizing murine leukemia viruses as vectors for gene remedy and a novel most cancers remedy known as chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T-cell remedy. In different phrases, they’re inflicting most cancers and different retroviral diseases.

“The identical factor with Gardasil … We’re inflicting these illnesses and we all know it as a result of we’re utilizing these [retroviruses] as vectors. We do not want infectious viruses. That is one factor that is actually vital to know. You do not want infectious viruses when you’re injecting the provirus, or the items and components. You inject it, previous your immunity, previous your intestine, previous RNA cell, previous all the things. You bypass the immune system. They do not must be infectious.

All you want is an envelope to trigger that prostate most cancers. That is a paper that was revealed 2013. In most of our research, all we detected was the envelope. The envelope alone causes vasculitis … One other pressure of XMRV gamma retrovirus from mice was recognized by Gary Owens … related to heart problems. That is only a nightmare that we have unleashed in the environment.”

Retroviruses and ME/CFS

Based on Mikovits, 6 to eight% of the final inhabitants are contaminated with infectious and transmissible XMRV-retroviruses, and within the power fatigue inhabitants, that prevalence shoots as much as about 30 to 40%. As with HIV, antiretroviral therapies could be very useful within the therapy of ME/CFS, together with low-dose naltrexone.

“It’s important to silence the opposite pathogens, so caring for mycoplasma, caring for mildew, completely supporting the intestine microbiome [will help],” Mikovits says. “We realized with AIDS and most cancers sufferers that if they do not have the range within the microbiome, identical to in autism, identical to in MEC/FS, it is as a result of the retrovirus is inflicting leaky intestine …

The nonspecific irritation [is] the retroviruses. In the event you maintain the intestine wholesome, you’ll be able to heal. The first is the range within the microbiome, or you’ll be able to’t reply to the medicine. There’s plenty of hope. That is what we finish the present with. There are therapies. We might repair this tomorrow. That is why I do it.”

To be taught extra, you’ll want to decide up a duplicate of “Plague: One Scientist’s Intrepid Search for the Truth About Human Retroviruses and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS), Autism and Other Diseases,” which reads extra like a fictional thriller than a nonfictional e-book concerning the science of illness.

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