Machetazo’s Handcrafted Mezcal Retains Mexican Originality

Picture: Mezcal Machetazo

Your background is in chemical engineering. How had been you first launched to mezcal?

Mezcal is one thing I’ve at all times been aware of. It was ever-present in my rural city upbringing. I grew up in Guerrero, which is likely one of the states in Mexico that produces mezcal. My reminiscences of mezcal are related to social gatherings of family and friends. Mezcal makes a daily look throughout in style city celebrations comparable to El Santo Patrón (the patron saint of the city), día de Los Muertos, and in rural funeral household reunions. When family members cross on, we historically mourn the physique for one to 2 days and serve mezcal in the course of the velorio candle lighting ceremony.  

I’ve at all times been fascinated with mezcal. It’s the excellent mixture of nature and ancestral processes which were round for lots of of years. My preliminary objective was to create a top quality alcoholic authentically Mexican beverage that I might get pleasure from at house with family and friends.  

So, how way back did Mezcal Machetazo begin, and the place is it produced? 

I began the Mezcal enterprise in 2009. Our manufacturers are handcrafted and produced within the states of Guerrero, Oaxaca, and San Luis Potosí in small batch distilleries.  

Inform us concerning the legend uniting Mayahuel, Goddess of Mezcal, and the mighty warrior named Machetazo? 

Picture: Mezcal Machetazo

This can be a legend impressed by Mexican folklore. Warrior Machetazo fell in love with Goddess Mayahuel. She had given him a style of mezcal from the agave plant. He had misplaced her and in pursuit of attempting to really feel reunited, he determined to make mezcal for himself to deliver again reminiscences of her. He used his machete to chop the leaves of the agave and when he drank, he might see visions of her. 

What’s the distinction between tequila and mezcal? 

Tequila is made in Jalisco from one particular agave — it’s the blue agave. Mezcal is made out of 20+ completely different agaves. This course of can be completely different. Mezcal is made in a wood-fired hearthstone oven. There may be additionally a distinction in style. Tequila has one style whereas mezcal has quite a lot of tastes; this is the reason I can by no means get tired of mezcal.  

Picture: Mezcal Machetazo

Compared to different spirits, mezcal is finest when served contemporary and joven (younger) so you’ll be able to style the agave itself and never the flavour of wooden in a barrel after it has been aged.  

Mezcal is a product that’s troublesome to scale given the lengthy progress cycle of its agave. Why do you select mezcal?

Picture: Mezcal Machetazo

That’s true, the correct agave plant should be aged for about seven to 9 years, making mezcal’s manufacturing cycle fairly distinctive compared to different spirits. I select mezcal due to its Mexican authenticity. I’m excited to see client traits transferring away from what’s mass-produced and artificially flavoured to completely embracing what’s all-natural, chemical free, and organically planted. That is what mezcal is all about: being distinctive!

What’s the defining attribute of mezcal? 

Generally, Mezcal is contemporary and pure with earthy flavours. The flavours rely upon which Mexican area it’s cultivated from.  

Mezcal has a robust smokey flavour that could be a bit “an excessive amount of” for customers. Had been you involved about that? How do you advocate folks to get pleasure from Mezcal Machetazo? 

Picture: Mezcal Machetazo

Our Mezcal model is a home made product; the smokiness relies on the hand of the maestro mezcalero (grasp mezcal maker).  We took smokiness into consideration when pondering by way of the buyer expertise. Within the case of Mayalen and Machetazo, we stability out the smokiness with the flavour in order that the smokiness doesn’t take over.  

Mezcal is quite new throughout Southeast Asia. Are Singaporeans into attempting new cocktails? 

Singapore has such a vibrant bar scene. In case you want proof, simply have a look at the listing of the very best bars on this planet. You’re more likely to discover that half of them are in Singapore. Individuals listed here are open to attempting new experiences, cocktails, and flavours. Mezcal matches proper in.   

What are your favorite cocktails bars in Singapore?  

Picture: Mezcal Machetazo

Foxtail is my favorite cocktail bar in Singapore. You will discover that Mayalen and Machetazo are served right here. Foxtail has the power to craft the very best cocktails based on the shopper’s request.  They’re additionally recognized for his or her margaritas and negronis.

What’s your favorite cocktail and the way would you alter it up with Mezcal?  

It’s arduous to beat a chilly Margarita. They’re even higher with mezcal and a little bit habanero chili pepper on the aspect. 

If there’s one final factor you’d like folks to learn about Mezcal Machetazo, what would that be? 

Picture: Mezcal Machetazo

You must strive the three completely different mezcals within the Machetazo and Mayalen assortment and undergo the journey of discovering out the distinction in flavour by yourself. The mezcal assortment is shaped of Cupreata, Espadín, and Salmiana agaves. 

For the LUXUO readers wishing to purchase Mezcal Machetazo on-line, the place ought to they head to? 

In Singapore, you should purchase straight from our web site here.

Shifting ahead, might a botanical gin made out of agave be your subsequent creation? 

Picture: Mezcal Machetazo

That is an attention-grabbing concept. By the way in which, among the producers in Oaxaca have already began creating this drink with mezcal Espadín and botanical herbals. 

On a extra generic degree, what’s the important high quality an entrepreneur ought to at all times have? 

My recommendation is to have ardour for what you do and revel in it to the fullest. Cash comes later if you happen to do it proper. 

Would you want to call a mentor who’s inspiring you in your each day work?  

My mentors and driving forces are my family and friends. They offer me suggestions and recommendation and I hearken to it. They’re my objective in life. I dwell for them. 

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