How Do I Get Rid of Dry Skin in My Private Area? Tips & Treatment

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Dry pores and skin in your non-public space can often be handled by avoiding harsh merchandise, tight clothes, and scorching showers

Dry skin in your non-public space can often be handled by avoiding harsh merchandise, tight clothes, and scorching showers.

Though dry skin in your non-public space is often not a severe situation, it could possibly make you’re feeling itchy and awkward. Listed below are ideas for each ladies and men in relation to eliminating dry skin in your non-public areas:


Keep away from merchandise that include harsh chemical compounds, reminiscent of vaginal douches or female hygiene spray, as these can upset the acidic steadiness of your vagina and trigger dryness and itching.
Keep away from utilizing an extreme quantity of laundry detergent when washing garments.
Keep away from the usage of over-the-counter anti-itch lotions as a result of these merchandise can worsen itching.
Keep away from extreme shaving and scratching.
Keep away from carrying tight garments.


Wash your penis properly, together with the realm below the foreskin if you happen to aren’t circumcised.
Change underwear continuously if you happen to sweat quite a bit.

Men and women

Restrict showers or baths to lower than 10 minutes and use heat (not scorching) water.
Put on unfastened undergarments and clothes manufactured from pure fibers.
Use gentle, fragrance-free, moisturizing cleaning soap to cleanse the realm.
Use a smooth towel to pat the pores and skin dry.
Preserve the pores and skin properly hydrated by consuming loads of fluids.
Handle stress, as stress can irritate eczema and different skin conditions.
Cease smoking (nicotine can cut back blood movement, which can trigger dry pores and skin).

What may cause dry pores and skin in your non-public space?

Dryness and itching within the non-public space might be brought on by:

Eczema, which is an inflammatory pores and skin situation that may trigger dryness and itching
Psoriasis, which causes crimson, itchy, scaly patches
Fungal skin infection
Lichen sclerosus
Irritation from sweating or carrying tight garments
Irritation brought on by:

Extremely popular showers
Overzealous cleansing
Harsh private hygiene merchandise

Lack of humidity within the air
Sizzling climate
Sure topical ointments

Frequent situations that trigger a vaginal itch solely in girls embody:

Eczema of vulvar pores and skin could possibly be brought on by publicity to an irritant or allergen, reminiscent of:

Harsh soaps and detergents that include alcohol and astringents
Chemical wipes
Panty liner adhesives
Artificial fiber underwear
Chemically handled clothes
Vaginal secretions, sweat, and urine
Fragrance, talcum powder, and deodorants

Whereas dry pores and skin is usually not a trigger for severe concern, it could possibly trigger extreme itching and even scabbing. In excessive instances, it might trigger bleeding, an infection, and hyperpigmentation.

Who’s liable to growing dry pores and skin across the non-public space?

Dry pores and skin is a standard situation that may have an effect on anybody. Some individuals are extra susceptible to develop dry pores and skin, reminiscent of individuals who dwell in dry climates or who’ve sure well being points reminiscent of allergies and diabetes.

Age and hormonal adjustments reminiscent of menopause may trigger dry pores and skin within the non-public space, because the pores and skin turns into thinner and sweat glands produce much less moisture.


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Medically Reviewed on 2/16/2022

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