Embalmers Find Veins and Arteries Filled With Rubbery Clots

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Richard Hirschman, a board-certified embalmer and funeral director with greater than 20 years of expertise, has come ahead with some mysterious and disturbing findings. Within the time interval since COVID-19 pictures have been rolled out, beginning across the center of 2021, Hirschman states that he’s been discovering “unusual clots” within the our bodies of the deceased.

In a worldwide unique interview with the Dr. Jane Ruby Present, Hirschman describes unnatural, fibrous clots which are filling vessels, making it tough for embalming to happen.1 Within the video above, you may view the lengthy, rubbery clots firsthand. Warning: Among the images are graphic. “I’ve seen a handful of those,” Hirschman says, referring to a clot he pulled from a physique’s groin space, which is almost the size of the leg.

The clot was so alarming that Hirschman snapped a photograph, explaining that he thought, “I’ve bought to take an image of this as a result of no person goes to consider what this appears like.” On the time of the photograph, he had already pulled out a number of different equally massive clots from different our bodies.2

Hirschman’s observations have been confirmed by colleagues, together with Cary Watkins, who has greater than 50 years of embalming expertise. Not solely does Watkins know Hirschman personally, however he stated he’s a reputable embalmer. Watkins witnessed Hirschman take away the unusual clots from a physique and stated he has by no means seen any clots like them in his five-decade profession.3

Unusual White, Fibrous Clots: It ‘Simply Isn’t Regular’

Steve Kirsch is doing an amazing job of compiling a great deal of info to refute the mainstream media’s narrative. If you’re curious about studying the most recent about COVID it’s essential subscribe to his free Substack Newsletter. The 2 video interviews on this part are an excellent instance of the kind of content material you’ll obtain whenever you subscribe.

“After I do the embalming, I’ve to enter the vein. And to ensure that the embalming course of, I’ve to permit blood to be drained. So I really pulled this large, lengthy clot — fibrous trying clot — out previous to an embalming,” Hirschman stated.4

The start of the clot, which resembles a white, rubbery worm, seems crimson and like a standard clot. However the majority of the clot is totally different; it’s composed of a white, fibrous materials. “It simply isn’t regular,” he stated, including:5

“Sometimes, a blood clot is easy; it’s blood that has coagulated collectively. However whenever you squeeze it, or contact it or attempt to decide it up, it usually falls aside … you may nearly squeeze it between your fingers and get it again to blood once more. However this white fibrous stuff is fairly robust. It’s not weak in any respect. You’ll be able to manipulate it, it’s very pliable. It’s not onerous … it’s not regular. I don’t understand how anyone can reside with one thing like this within them.”

The particular person from whom the lengthy clot within the video was pulled had obtained COVID-19 pictures however contracted COVID-19 anyway. They have been launched from a hospital after testing unfavorable for SARS-CoV-2, however died a number of days later — “most likely as a result of he was stuffed with blood clots,” Hirschman stated.6

He additionally had info from a dependable supply that relations have been upset as a result of the person had been launched from the hospital regardless of nonetheless feeling sick, together with affected by issue respiration and shortness of breath.

A second photograph within the video reveals what the clots appeared like as soon as Hirschman rinsed them off. “To get a view of what’s within this, I might actually rinse these clots, rub the blood off of them, and this white stuff holds robust. It doesn’t dissolve. You’ll be able to break it, nevertheless it’s stretchy.”7 When he spoke along with his colleagues, they confided that they’re additionally seeing the identical factor.

One other uncommon facet of the clots is that they’re being present in each veins and arteries. Sometimes, clots aren’t present in arteries until an individual has been lifeless for a number of days, which wasn’t the case when Hirschman discovered them.

‘It Appears Like Heartworms for Folks’

Hirschman and a colleague have pulled quite a few fibrous strings from our bodies — a phenomenon that he hasn’t seen earlier than in his 20-plus yr profession. He described them as resembling worms whereas a colleague stated, “It appears like heartworms for individuals.” Nonetheless, these should not worms or parasites. As Hirschman stated, he by no means noticed one transfer. In a commentary, Dr. Robert Jay Rowen defined:8

“I watched this video and it’s horrifying. This undertaker couldn’t withdraw blood from leg veins to inject formaldehyde to protect the physique. He explored and never solely discovered clots, which might be pure, however on the finish of the clot he discovered dense white stringy materials he described as formed like a worm, however I don’t need you to be misled that there could possibly be a parasite.

It appeared like a twisted rope. You gained’t consider this until you see it. Worse, he discovered a number of in arteries which ought to by no means have something prefer it because of excessive circulation. His colleagues are reporting comparable findings to him since COVID vaccine creation.”

Hirschman stated that January 2021 was the busiest he’s been in his profession, which occurred to coincide with the rollout of COVID-19 pictures. He didn’t see the white “wormy” buildings instantly, however as he’s now seeing it more and more typically, he’s change into involved for the longer term.

A lot of these affected have been stated to have died from a coronary heart assault or stroke. “Most individuals is not going to see what I see. Medical doctors, once they draw blood, they can not see these items.” Hirschman intends to have the substance chemically analyzed, including it’s change into so widespread that if he embalms 4 our bodies in a day, two of them can have the fibrous clots.

Majority of Our bodies Now Affected

Since November, Hirschman states that greater than 50% of the our bodies he embalms are affected by the unusual clots, and the development seems to be on the rise:9

“If that is brought on by the vaccine, which my intestine is telling me it’s — I can’t show that — whether it is brought on by the vaccine, think about the quantity of folks that will probably be dying sooner or later, as a result of individuals can’t reside with this sort of substance floating round of their vessels.

And it’s superb how many individuals are dying of coronary heart assault and stroke currently. If certainly one of these small, fibrous tissues will get up into the mind, they’re going to have a stroke. If it will get into your coronary heart, it’s going to steer you to a coronary heart assault.”

One particular person in his 50s, who Hirschman embalmed, died of a coronary heart assault and had the white, fibrous clots. His pockets was on him, and as Hirschman checked for private results, he observed the person’s COVID-19 vaccine card there.

“He has been tremendous busy along with his embalming enterprise for the reason that vaccine rollout,” Rowen stated. “He by no means noticed it earlier than 2020 in 20 years of labor. He doesn’t know if all of them have been vaccinated. The speed of this incidence appears to be growing previously few months from 50% to 80% of the our bodies.”10

Within the final month, Hirschman stated, out of 35 individuals he embalmed, 24 had the clots. He’s hesitant to disclose the findings to relations of the victims, as he doesn’t need to begin a panic. Nonetheless, if the composition of the fibrous materials might be uncovered, he’s hopeful that one thing could possibly be performed to stave off the harm and save individuals’s lives.

Pictures Double Threat of Acute Coronary Syndrome

Uncommon blood clots proceed to be reported as hostile reactions to COVID-19 pictures.11 In a single instance, 17-year-old Everest Romney obtained his first dose of the Pfizer shot, and skilled excessive swelling in his arm and neck that night time.12 Two days later, the beforehand wholesome athlete was unable to elevate his head because of the ache and swelling. A pediatrician dismissed the considerations, blaming them on a sports activities harm.

His mom insisted on a CT scan, which revealed a blood clot inside his jugular vein on the identical aspect he bought the shot. Uncommon blood clots in his mind have been additionally later revealed. He ended up within the ICU, the place docs nonetheless refused to acknowledge that the clots could possibly be linked to the shot.

A research printed within the November 16, 2021, concern of the journal Circulation can be particularly related given Hirschman’s testimony. The research concluded that “the mRNA vacs dramatically improve irritation on the endothelium and T cell infiltration of cardiac muscle and will account for the observations of elevated thrombosis, cardiomyopathy, and different vascular occasions following vaccination.”

Individuals who had been jabbed greater than doubled their danger of acute coronary syndrome (ACS), an umbrella time period that features not solely coronary heart assaults, but additionally a variety of different situations involving abruptly diminished blood circulation to your coronary heart. Indicators and signs of ACS sometimes start very all of a sudden and embrace:13

Chest ache/discomfort, typically described as aching, stress, tightness or burning sensations

Ache that radiates out of your chest to your shoulders, arms, higher stomach, again, neck and/or jaw

Nausea and/or vomiting


Shortness of breath

Sudden heavy sweating

Lightheadedness, dizziness and/or fainting

Uncommon or inexplicable fatigue

Sufferers who obtained a two-dose routine of mRNA greater than doubled their five-year ACS danger, driving it from a median of 11% to 25%. In a November 21, 2021, tweet, heart specialist Dr. Aseem Malhotra wrote:14

“Extraordinary, disturbing, upsetting. We now have proof of a believable organic mechanism of how mRNA vaccine could also be contributing to elevated cardiac occasions. The summary is printed within the highest impression cardiology journal so we should take these findings very critically.”

Fibrinolytic Enzymes Might Assist

In the event you’ve obtained a COVID-19 injection and are affected by any shot-induced signs, the Entrance Line COVID-19 Crucial Care Working Group’s (FLCCC) I-RECOVER15 protocol for long-haul COVID syndrome has been used to deal with shot-induced signs with comparable success.

The protocol might be downloaded in full,16 and provides you step-by-step directions on the way to deal with long-haul COVID syndrome and/or reactions from COVID-19 injections. Additional, when you’ve been injected and need to scale back your danger of any potential issues, there are a number of primary methods I’d advise.

1. Make sure you measure your vitamin D stage and take sufficient vitamin D orally (sometimes about 8,000 items/day for many adults) and/or get smart solar publicity to verify your stage is 60 to 80 ng/ml (150 to 2000 nmol/l).

2. Eradicate all vegetable (seed) oils in your eating regimen, which includes eliminating almost all processed meals and most meals in eating places until you might be certain the chef is cooking solely with butter. Keep away from any sauces or salad dressings in eating places, as they’re loaded with seed oils.

Additionally keep away from rooster and pork, as they’re wealthy in linoleic acid, the omega-6 fats that just about everybody consumes far an excessive amount of of and contributes to oxidative stress that causes coronary heart illness.

3. Take into account taking round 500 milligrams a day of NAC, because it helps forestall blood clots and is a precursor on your physique to supply the vital antioxidant glutathione.

4. Hirschman really helpful day by day aspirin, however contemplate fibrinolytic enzymes as an alternative, which digest the fibrin that results in blood clots, strokes and pulmonary embolisms. The dose is often two, twice a day, however have to be taken on an empty abdomen, both an hour earlier than or two hours after a meal. In any other case, the enzymes will digest your meals and never the fibrin within the blood clot.

For much more choices, the World Council for Well being, a worldwide coalition of health-focused organizations and civil society teams that search to broaden public well being information, has launched a spike protein detox information stuffed with pure cures which will assist help your well being.17

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