Doctors React to Shocking Sex Stories

On this video, Mikhail Varshavski, DO — who goes by “Dr. Mike” on social media — and Rena Malik, MD, react to “Intercourse Despatched Me to the ER,” a present the place actors painting actual life/true medical situations.
Following is a partial transcript of the video (observe that errors are doable):
Varshavski: Intercourse despatched them to the ER. For this, I wanted a session from my good pal, Rena Malik. Welcome to the channel!
Malik: Thanks a lot for having me.
Varshavski: Are you excited to look at the present?
Malik: I am so excited.
Varshavski: And I’ve heard you watched a pair episodes.
Malik: I watched one, yeah.
Varshavski: Peewoop!
Malik: Peewoop!
Feminine Physician: It appears like your penis has sustained main trauma. What’s all of this?
Feminine: It was…
Varshavski: That is like a chastity belt?
Narrator: Sporting a medieval torture system might be not most individuals’s thought of a very good time, however this man had been untrue earlier than so this couple thought it was needed.
Malik: I’ve not seen a affected person who’s been pressured to put on one as a result of they have been untrue.
Varshavski: Yeah. That is a punishment, I suppose. I imply, possibly they need the punishment. Like S&M, you bought to be open to that grownup play.
Narrator: After love making this couple went by way of their weird ritual when she takes the important thing and lock them up till they meet once more.
Feminine: The bit that hurts. The half to make it work, my favourite half.
Varshavski: Wow.
Feminine: I am the one one with the important thing to your…
Varshavski: What would occur when you have been to get an erection trapped within a plastic case? It will harm?
Malik: It will harm and you could possibly presumably harm your penis, proper? If the erection was bent otherwise, you could possibly create micro tears within the penis, which over time may trigger issues with erectile perform.
Feminine: Oh my gosh. My necklace. The important thing, I’ve misplaced it.
Male: You have what?
Malik: Oh, my God.
Feminine: Mitch?
Male: You are going to break me free.
Varshavski: Whoa.
Feminine: Why you are so delicate?
Malik: Oh, no. We do see issues get caught on penises on a regular basis. Individuals will use various things of cock rings after which they’re going to go to sleep, they’re going to be intoxicated, or they may have an erection after which it will get swollen after which it will get caught. It’s important to use all types of various issues like Gigli saws to chop them off, however not a hammer.
Feminine Physician: Fortuitously, it appears like simply abrasions and contusions.
Varshavski: There isn’t any function right here for an ultrasound to test for hematomas? Like I really feel like…
Malik: Effectively, so you will get an MRI to verify there isn’t any fracture. However in the end, if there may be simply hematomas or basically blood clots, or blood forming beneath the foreskin, there may be actually nothing you could do however await a while.
Feminine: Will you simply get this stuff out of me?
Varshavski: Okay. Issues?
Male Physician: Get what out of you?
Feminine and Male: The rocks, okay?! The rocks!
Feminine: Hey, let’s use these.
Varshavski: Pop Rocks?
Malik: Sweet rocks.
Varshavski: Are these the Pop…? I used to be going to say that, however then I used to be like, “That is ridiculous!”
Feminine: Oh, no, no, no.
Varshavski: Raging yeast an infection.
Feminine: Right here, right here, they’re burning.
Male: Okay.
Feminine: Oh, it hurts.
Male Physician: There’s a lot of swelling and irritation.
Malik: Use toys or units, aids, which are used and so they’re meant for sexual functions. They’ve flavored lubes and flavored condoms. Be sure you attempt them in your pores and skin earlier than you attempt them down there…
Varshavski: Sensible.
Malik: …to be sure you’re not having an allergic response or one thing. However a few of these issues can put you at greater threat for yeast infections such as you talked about.
Feminine: I higher put it some place else.
Male: Ooh.
Feminine: I ponder what it seems like, down there.
Male: I inform her, “This is not a good suggestion. We most likely should not be doing this.”
Varshavski: Sugar shouldn’t be meant to be in that space.
Malik: Yeah. Typically talking, you need to hold sticky icky issues away from the genitals.
Varshavski: Good level.
Narrator: After the popsicle melted, this couple went to warmth issues up within the bed room.
Male: She was squirming round fairly a bit greater than regular, so I type of figured one thing was unsuitable. There have been some tenderness or one thing.
Malik: Oh, no.
Feminine: I hoped it was simply an an infection.
Varshavski: An an infection that rapidly is unreasonable.
Feminine: I actually did not need to inform the story, so I used to be actually obscure with the physician. And we have been utilizing kind of a intercourse toy.
Malik: That is so frequent. I am going to simply inform you that folks by no means need to say precisely what they have been doing. Fairly often they have been like minding their very own enterprise or one thing else. They make up a narrative as a result of they’re tremendous embarrassed.
Varshavski: What’s your wildest story you’ve got ever heard? Not wild. It is just like the worst instance the place it is clearly unbelievable.
Malik: Effectively, so there was a man who was dishonest on his spouse and he got here in for a penile fracture, which is the place when you have vigorous intercourse and also you break the penis basically. That is a surgical emergency. He got here in and he informed his spouse he was masturbating within the automobile, and that is the way it occurred.
Feminine: Popsicle, okay? It was a popsicle. That is what we used as a intercourse toy. After some time, I simply received numb to it.
Feminine Physician: You positively gave your self chilly panniculitis.
Varshavski: That is a fast analysis, chilly panniculitis.
Malik: Yeah.
Varshavski: Chilly panniculitis in my head is type of like frostbite. Is that affordable?
Malik: Yeah, I believe so. I believe that is affordable. I imply, it is mainly publicity to chilly that results in an eruption of the pores and skin, inflicting type of a rash-like syndrome.
Feminine Physician: It ought to clear up in a number of days. We’ll get you some ointment to maintain the irritation.
Mike Varshavski, DO, is a board-certified household doctor and social media influencer with greater than 9 million subscribers.