Doctor Reacts to Very Strange Addictions

On this video, Mikhail Varshavski, DO — who goes by “Physician Mike” on social media — reacts to distinctive addictions.
Following is a partial transcript of the video (observe that errors are attainable):
Trina: I am hooked on espresso enemas.
Narrator: For the previous two years, Trina hasn’t been in a position to perform with out her each day espresso enemas, a process the place liquid is injected into the colon to wash out the decrease gut. Her habit is so intense she does as much as 4 each day.
Varshavski: Let’s simply do it proper off the bat. Espresso enemas haven’t been confirmed to assist with any medical situation. In just like the 60s and 70s, we used to say perhaps for constipation, however that is been dropped from medical literature. We have now so many higher methods of dealing with constipation that that is largely pointless. They’re saying espresso enemas are used to wash your colon. No, they don’t seem to be. It is a self-cleansing a part of the physique.
Mike: My preliminary response was, “My God, that is disgusting.”
Varshavski: Fairly judgmental response.
Mike: I attempted it and now I am hooked on espresso enemas.
Varshavski: Oh.
Narrator: Two years in the past, Trina turned to this unconventional ritual after a collection of well being points.
Trina: I had quite a lot of abdomen issues, digestive issues, issues with my kidneys, my liver. I begin to do analysis and it led me into the espresso enemas. Instantly I actually began to really feel the advantages.
Varshavski: It is comprehensible somebody that’s having signs, who’s struggling, trying to discover solutions on-line, finds a therapy that’s inside their grasp, one thing that they will do on their very own, and tries it. However it does not imply it is the correct therapy or it is one thing that most individuals ought to attempt.
My concern is that there’s something else happening in these individuals’s our bodies that may be missed and probably worsen over time as a result of they aren’t seeing a physician. The issues with kidneys should be investigated as a result of if kidneys begin failing, that is a menace to your individual life.
Julius: My title is Julius. I am 62 years outdated and I am hooked on balloons.
Varshavski: I like balloons.
Julius: They’re stunning. They’re comfortable, easy, and delicate. I’ve a reference to them.
Varshavski: Is that this like going to be just like what we have seen within the earlier episodes of like objectophilia and even animism the place you consider that sure bodily inanimate objects have a soul or spirit, or perhaps you turn out to be even sexually drawn to them? I am curious.
Narrator: Now Julius has crammed his house with over 50,000 balloons.
Varshavski: 50,000, that is quite a lot of balloons.
Narrator: He cannot sleep until he’s surrounded by them,
Julius: My favourite is the spherical one.
Varshavski: Truthfully, I do not see what’s incorrect with this but. He likes adorning his home with balloons. Some individuals like portray their partitions. I do not know. They put wallpaper up. Some individuals put paper on their partitions. To every their very own.
Narrator: However Julius’s obsession with balloons goes past shapes and colours.
Julius: My love for balloons can be a sexual love. Once I see a ravishing balloon, my coronary heart begins to flutter and I get aroused. I am going to take a 12-inch and I am going to inflate it to 11 inch. That means it will possibly take quite a lot of abuse.
Varshavski: There’s a potential connection between objectophilia, animism, and autism that one research tried to discover. I am fascinated by exploring that topic to see how linked these two circumstances are.
Julius: My spouse thinks it is unusual, however she accepts it.
Varshavski: Once more, like you’ve a job, you’ve a associate, you reside an excellent life, you maintain your well being, and also you’re sexually drawn to balloons. Probably not a dysfunction. Issues are based mostly on means to carry out life features, get satisfaction in life, and attain targets in life. Let him sit in his room and blow up balloons and squeeze them. Like, why is he even a factor on this present. It is sort of bizarre.
Karmello: I am hooked on butt injections.
Varshavski: I am curious if that is butt injections by means of like a BBL [Brazilian butt lift], the place they do liposuction and reinject the fats.
Narrator: Karmello has had 54 butt injections, but she has by no means bared her behind to a plastic surgeon. She receives her photographs on the black market, getting pumped with an unregulated substance that is been identified to incorporate metallic lubricants and cement.
Varshavski: Yeah. I imply that is actually harmful. There’s a lot that may go incorrect right here. This is not a conventional BBL. Even BBLs are harmful. Like 1 in 3,000 people who has a BBL has a complication of a fatty embolism. The fats truly will get lodged into their blood vessels and could be deadly if it travels all the way in which as much as the lungs.
I’ve truly had sufferers which have had big, big problems because of dangerous injections like this. They have been accomplished overseas in different international locations, however then they ended up getting a horrible cellulitis, abscess formation within the buttock space the place like, main surgical procedure needed to happen to take out the necrotic tissue, useless tissue, in order that they ended up shedding part of their buttock.
Dr. Youn: What brings you in in the present day?
Varshavski: Dr. Youn, welcome again to the channel.
Dr. Youn: Do you’ve any thought what she injected you with? Did she let you know?
Karmello: She mentioned liquid silicone, however I am unsure if that is actually what it was.
Dr. Youn: Did she do something afterwards? I imply, did she sew up the incisions?
Karmello: She put superglue.
Varshavski: There are occasions we use glue in medical settings within the ER, however not for deep wounds, not for large wounds, not for wounds that may probably turn out to be severely contaminated. Like, there is a time and place for all medical instruments and that is not the place for superglue.
Dr. Youn: You’ll be able to see right here that is your thigh, the fats in your thigh, which is easy and regular. However up right here it appears sort of spongy, this texture, and that is undoubtedly not regular. Although you are wholesome, it simply takes one dangerous injection to actually kill you.
Varshavski: Oh, that is good. I am glad she was in a position to determine not to try this once more.
Casie: My title is Casie. I am 26 years outdated. I am from Fayetteville, Tennessee, and I am hooked on carrying round my husband’s urn.
Narrator: Their marriage was picture-perfect, till Shawn suffered a extreme bronchial asthma assault two months in the past.
Varshavski: Two months in the past, it is current. Why are they not letting this lady bereave in peace?
Narrator: Her habit has lately developed.
Casie: I suppose with the switch of his cremains some received into the cardboard field as properly and so they spilled out on my palms. I did not need to wipe him off — as a result of that is my husband I do not need to wipe them away — so I simply licked it off my fingers.
Varshavski: Infectious illness clever, it is her husband, so a really low threat there and the physique has been cremated, so all infectious illnesses will primarily be worn out as properly.
Casie: It tastes like rotten eggs, sand, and sandpaper, however I’ve grown to like that style.
Varshavski: I’m wondering if there is a pica situation right here taking place.
Physician: I am a little bit bit involved about what’s in embalming fluid and I am a little bit bit involved about how a lot of these chemical compounds are in these ashes.
Varshavski: Oh, I didn’t know that that was the case. If there was embalming fluid used, formaldehyde is the primary ingredient in embalming fluid and that’s very deadly. I believe one ounce of formaldehyde could be deadly to your lungs, throat, and nervous system. Like, there are quite a lot of points with that. Then the opposite elements in embalming fluid are like methanol, ethanol, issues that may result in blindness and mind injury. Like that is a very critical concern.
Mike Varshavski, DO, is a board-certified household doctor and social media influencer with greater than 8.7 million subscribers.