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Datadog and Splunk software program will assist you to observe your group’s efficiency and well being. Examine the options of those DevOps instruments.

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On the subject of logging, monitoring and analytics, Datadog and Splunk are two of the most well-liked DevOps tools, however which one is the suitable match on your group? We’ll examine the options of Datadog and Splunk side-by-side that will help you resolve.
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What’s Datadog?

Datadog is a monitoring service that tracks efficiency and well being knowledge on your functions, instruments and infrastructure. It’s utilized by builders and operations groups to troubleshoot points, determine tendencies and monitor their techniques in real-time. Datadog additionally offers an end-to-end view of your total stack, from the appliance to the database, that will help you optimize efficiency and cut back downtime.

What’s Splunk?

Splunk is a software program platform that allows you to acquire, index and search knowledge from any supply in any format. It’s utilized by builders and operations groups to troubleshoot points, determine tendencies and monitor their techniques. Splunk additionally offers an end-to-end view of your total stack, from the appliance to the database. Nonetheless, it’s tailor-made extra towards historic knowledge than real-time knowledge.

Datadog vs. Splunk: Function comparability


FocusReal-time dataHistorical log administration


InstallationCloudCloud, self-hosted

AlertsNative, configurableNon-native


Open sourceNoNo

Head-to-head comparability: Datadog vs. Splunk

Set up

Datadog is a cloud-based monitoring instrument, so putting in any software program onto your group’s servers is pointless. Simply join an account and add your functions and infrastructure. You don’t want to fret about downtime, efficiency or server upkeep.
Splunk now offers cloud-based providers, too. However if you happen to select the self-hosted model, it’s good to set up Splunk software program. As soon as the software program installs, you may add your functions and infrastructure. Self-hosted platforms offer you granular management over the system, however you additionally should handle it your self.

Information assortment

Datadog makes use of brokers to gather knowledge out of your servers, functions and instruments. The brokers are light-weight packages that run within the background and report knowledge to the Datadog platform.
Splunk makes use of a Common Forwarder to gather knowledge out of your servers, functions and instruments. The Common Forwarder is a light-weight program that runs within the background and sends knowledge to the Splunk platform.
Datadog emphasizes real-time knowledge, whereas Splunk emphasizes historic knowledge.

Information evaluation

Each Datadog and Splunk present clear, engaging interfaces by way of which your group can analyze knowledge. These interfaces present entry to dashboards, alerts and reporting. Of those DevOps instruments, Splunk has the best, easiest-to-read interface, however Datadog offers extra customization choices.


Datadog is best suited to small- to medium-sized companies, whereas Splunk is best suited to massive enterprises. It’s because Datadog prices primarily based on the variety of hosts, whereas Splunk prices primarily based on the quantity of knowledge managed.
Although Datadog has higher visualizations and superior customization strategies, Splunk offers the deeper evaluation that bigger enterprises continuously want. Conversely, Splunk could also be too large to think about for an SMB tech division.


When on the cloud, each Datadog and Splunk will carry out equally in uncooked pace. Datadog and Splunk are each high-performance and quick on their very own, however as a result of they’re cloud SaaS options, their precise pace will rely on the group’s web pace. Low speeds or excessive latency might delay reporting.

Dashboards, alerts and reporting

Each Datadog and Splunk use a web-based interface to investigate knowledge. The interface is simple to make use of and offers varied options, comparable to dashboards, alerts and reporting. Datadog’s dashboards are typically extra customizable than Splunk’s dashboards.

Uptime and efficiency monitoring

Datadog and Splunk provide uptime and efficiency monitoring, although Datadog’s uptime and efficiency monitoring are extra complete than Splunk’s. Datadog screens your total stack, from the appliance to the database, whereas Splunk solely screens your servers.

Common integration

Datadog integrates with greater than 500 applied sciences, whereas Splunk integrates with fewer than 100 applied sciences. This alone makes Datadog extra versatile than Splunk, though in the end, it doesn’t matter so long as Splunk offers the combination that you just want.

Log administration

Splunk is a number one, enterprise-grade log evaluation resolution. Datadog is designed extra for real-time insights into actionable knowledge.

Selecting between Datadog and Splunk

Datadog and Splunk are nice monitoring instruments that present visibility into your system’s efficiency and well being.
Select Datadog if:

You’re employed at an SMB.
It is advisable to combine with considered one of Datadog’s know-how integrations.
You need to cut back your prices primarily based on the variety of hosts.

Select Splunk if:

You’re employed at a big or enterprise enterprise.
You don’t want extra integrations than the 100 provided.
You’ll fairly be charged primarily based on the information managed.

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