Can Too Much Acne Medication Make Acne Worse? Skincare Side Effects

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Utilizing too many pimples medicines without delay could make your pores and skin irritated and lead to extra breakouts.

Sure, too many acne medicines could make acne worse.

In some situations, the topical medicines make small bumps extra apparent and result in elevated notion of acne.
In different circumstances, Topical acne medicines, equivalent to these containing salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide, could trigger extra breakouts when utilized in extra.

These medicines act as gentle irritants and skin-drying brokers. When an individual has pimples breakouts, they have an inclination to make use of a number of pimples merchandise together with lotions, cleansers, and astringents for anticipated “fast outcomes.” Utilizing these merchandise in extra, nevertheless, leaves your pores and skin dry and irritated inflicting extra pimples.

It have to be remembered that even oily pores and skin wants moisture and moisturizers. If left dry, the irritated, acne-prone pores and skin will get away much more. Some folks could also be allergic to pimples medicines. They could consequently develop extra breakouts on utilizing these merchandise.

How are you going to decrease the uncomfortable side effects of pimples medicines?

An preliminary worsening of pimples is widespread with most pimples remedies. This may increasingly happen as a result of the therapy destroys acne-causing micro organism, resulting in extra irritation. Moreover, the way in which pimples merchandise work could result in an preliminary worsening of pimples. This can be felt as heat, dryness, peeling, or gentle burning.

To attenuate the uncomfortable side effects of pimples medicines and stop worsening of pimples:

Use the medicines as directed by your physician
Don’t apply the medicines proper after washing your face
Give a niche of about 20 to half-hour between washing your face and making use of pimples merchandise to forestall irritation and dryness
Don’t use extra pimples lotions or gels; often, a pea dimension of the product is sufficient for a single software
Keep away from utilizing harsh, aromatic, or irritating cosmetics whereas utilizing pimples medicines
Apply the pimples medicine evenly on the acne-prone space and never simply over the blemishes
In case you really feel your pimples medicines are worsening your signs, contact your physician

A category of pimples medicines, name retinoids, could initially worsen your pimples signs. They could trigger pores and skin drying, redness, and peeling earlier than enchancment in pimples signs start. That is regular and you needn’t cease your medicine. Extreme use of retinoids, nevertheless, have to be averted as a result of it will probably trigger pores and skin irritation and worsen your signs.


Skin Health: How to Get Clear Skin
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15 issues that could be worsening your pimples

Washing or scrubbing your face too typically: Whereas protecting the pores and skin clear is essential, overenthusiastic pores and skin cleaning have to be averted. It’s okay to clean your face one or two occasions a day or after a sweaty exercise however not a number of occasions a day. Scrubbing your face shouldn’t be carried out greater than two or thrice per week. Extreme face-washing and scrubbing could cause pores and skin irritation and dryness and additional worsen your pimples.
Attempting new acne-treatment merchandise too typically: It’s pure to wish to do away with your pimples asap; nevertheless, attempting too many various pimples merchandise can worsen your situation. You will need to give sufficient time to your pimples medicines to indicate their impact. In case you assume one thing shouldn’t be working, ask your physician.
Utilizing harsh cosmetics: Utilization of comedogenic and chemical and fragrance-laden pores and skin and hair merchandise can worsen your pimples. Use gentle, noncomedogenic, fragrance-free merchandise to forestall the worsening of pimples. Even your hair care merchandise can set off pimples, particularly on areas the place hair touches your face (equivalent to brow and cheeks).
Utilizing the merchandise beneath the prescribed dosage: You will need to use your pimples medicines as prescribed. Some folks worry the uncomfortable side effects and have a tendency to make use of pimples medicines much less continuously or in smaller dosages. This may increasingly not trigger appreciable enchancment in your pimples. Moreover, when you’ve got been prescribed antibiotic medicines for pimples, underdosing could trigger worsening of pimples.
Extreme use of pimples merchandise: Identical to underdosing can hurt, overuse of pimples merchandise may worsen your situation. Use the medicines as prescribed to keep away from pores and skin irritation and breakouts.
Squeezing or popping pimples: Keep away from the temptation to the touch, squeeze or pop your pimples. This may increasingly trigger an infection and additional unfold of pimples. At all times wash your palms earlier than and after making use of pimples medicines. Popping or squeezing pimples could cause scarring.
Rubbing sweat in your pores and skin: Most individuals have this tendency to rub their pores and skin with a towel throughout exercises or different bodily actions that trigger sweating. This will additional irritate your pores and skin and trigger breakouts. Chances are you’ll pat your pores and skin dry with a clear and delicate towel or tissue and take a bathe after a sweaty exercise session.
Sharing makeup merchandise, brushes, or mixing sponges: Though pimples shouldn’t be contagious, sharing your make-up, brushes and different applicators can worsen pimples. As a result of these merchandise contact the pores and skin of somebody with pimples, they will carry the micro organism, oil, and useless pores and skin cells to your pores and skin, which can lead to breakouts.
Not eradicating make-up earlier than going to mattress: Sporting make-up at night time could worsen your pimples. Your make-up could clog your pores and result in extra irritation. Thus, take away your make-up correctly earlier than you hit the mattress.
Making use of pimples medicines as spot remedies: You will need to apply the pimples medicine evenly over the acne-prone space (such because the face or again) and never simply over the blemishes or pimples for good outcomes.
Utilizing an excessive amount of of merchandise that trigger pores and skin dryness: Some folks imagine that pimples is triggered when your pores and skin turns into too oily. Therefore, they begin utilizing merchandise that dry the pores and skin, equivalent to astringents. An excessive amount of drying of the pores and skin could trigger extra pores and skin irritation and breakouts.
Not utilizing sunscreen: Sun protection is important for everybody. Some pimples remedies (equivalent to retinoids) can additional make the pores and skin delicate to daylight. This may increasingly trigger extra irritation and redness on solar publicity. Therefore, use an appropriate, non-comedogenic, broad-spectrum sunscreen day-after-day.
Stopping the therapy too early: There could also be a bent to cease utilizing pimples medicines as soon as sufficient enchancment is achieved. This may increasingly trigger pimples breakouts and stop full pores and skin therapeutic. Use your medicines for the period suggested by your physician.
Utilizing soiled linen: The oil, useless pores and skin, germs, and pores and skin merchandise can switch out of your pores and skin to the bedsheet and pillowcases. This will trigger extra breakouts regardless of skin-cleansing routine. Ensure you change your bedsheet and pillowcases each one or two days.
Undermining a wholesome way of life: Simply specializing in skincare could not assist together with your pimples. Even when the outcomes will not be lasting, you have to observe wholesome way of life practices, equivalent to a balanced and nutritious diet, correct hydration, and stress and weight management to keep away from worsening of pimples. Soiled glasses or cellphones can switch germs or oils to your pores and skin. Therefore, hold them clear as effectively.

When to contact your physician

The uncomfortable side effects of pimples medicines are typically gentle, equivalent to pores and skin redness, dryness, or peeling. They go away on their very own inside just a few days.

You will need to, nevertheless, contact your physician in case you are in your pimples medicines and develop any of the next uncomfortable side effects:


Acne is the result of an allergy.
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Medically Reviewed on 3/9/2022

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